Episode 621

September 01, 2020


Vote For God

Vote For God
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Vote For God

Sep 01 2020 | 01:39:13


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #621

Jamie Mack thinks god made Transgendered people for him.

That gets its own paragraph. He teases us with that at the beginning of the show and makes us wait to know what he means. Smooth finally was able to purchase a firearm. Not from a nationally recognized dealer. This was a private seller without a receipt system. Let’s hope he is able to register it and does not end up with a gun with a body on it.

Mister J joins us for some trivia and also tells us of his recent misfortune. In a time when he is looking for some good news, he has the chance to smash Smooth.

Jamie Mack goes on a deep dive that incorporates changing systems, lobbyists, corporations, and transexuals. Either way, he thinks that god made them for him. The reason being? He wants Mack to understand that anything can be changed. I wasn’t able to follow. So you will need to listen to try and figure out what he means.

Next he goes into a conversation about people being robots or being more like robots or something. Again, I wasn’t following very easily. But I think this was a subliminal sent at a Slack member.

I watched a Black Israelite have a debate with a group of BLM protestors. For the first time in ever I actually felt what the religious brother was saying. While BLM is protesting and fighting for a prize they will never get, he thinks the answer is in the good book. Lebron and the NBA is going to Obama for help. But he never prosecuted one police officer for civil rights crimes his entire presidency.

No matter what political party you side with, maybe you in November, you should vote for God!

Vote For God #TNNS621

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