February 18, 2020


Milk that Comes from a Finger

Milk that Comes from a Finger
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Milk that Comes from a Finger

Feb 18 2020 | 01:22:47


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #566

Jaye Smooth takes his daughter out for Valentine's Day each year. This year was no different, however, we finally realize the reason. The devil is in the details. As long as he is out with his daughter, guess who he doesn't have to lie to? Exactly! All women have to submit to the daughter card.

Meanwhile French Reggy went out of town...out of the country for Valentine's Day. Did I mention that the devil is in the details? He mistakenly revealed that he paid for both tickets. But this is just a friend. Cool Reggy. We won't blow your spot up too much. Except for this show...and these show notes.

He deflects by bringing up D Wade and his son's transformation to his daughter. We discuss how proper this may be for a person that is 12 years old. This year they have been seemingly the most progressive parents in the world. However, Wade still has an outside son that can't come to the house while mommy is home.

Jaye Smooth is dealing with reaping and sowing. To be honest, there is growth today. Not only does he apologize to a couple of women from his past, he also finally comes clean about his lactose tolerance. At least when the milk comes from a finger.

Milk that Comes from a Finger #TNNS566

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