Episode 728

June 07, 2022


You'll Never Win A World Cup

You'll Never Win A World Cup
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
You'll Never Win A World Cup

Jun 07 2022 | 02:08:43


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #728

Okay...So maybe Reggy didn't get married last week. Apparently he didn't want to. So he missed the show for someone else's wedding. He's back this week with Kam. This is the first time that Jamie Mack, French, and Kam are here at the same time. Mack almost sat beside me because he could feel the young attitude taking the room over. Didn't take long for the irresponsible views and positions to start flowing.

Jamie Mack had a few more goblin questions to ask. Does he want to become a warlock? Nonetheless, its more roasting for this guy in a gown.

I would like to know how long it has been since they started televising the agenda? There was a time when you use up all of your tinfoil making hats to see through the hidden agenda. Now, they just put it right in front of you. We want to take away guns and then to prove that we should, a miraculous number of weekend mass shootings fill the news. Hmm. John Philip Sousa couldn't have orchestrated this any better. So they are coming for the guns. At what cost should we fight for them? French is only afraid that our country will never win another World Cup. Have we ever?

You'll Never Win A World Cup #TNNS728

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