August 07, 2018


Ugly Big Girls Need Love Too #TNNS414

Ugly Big Girls Need Love Too #TNNS414
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Ugly Big Girls Need Love Too #TNNS414

Aug 07 2018 | 01:45:53


Show Notes

Episode #414

French Reggy feels like he is too masculine to be held back by homo-terms. He is fully willing to prove it by saying more things to prove his orientation. No Jaye Smooth, so it doesn't go too far. I believe him unless he ends up going to prison. Then you can switch up like a clownfish as long as you switch back before you get out.

Tonight big girls and ugly girls are on the menu. Nothing wrong with a big girl or an ugly one. French Reggy goes into detail about the BBWs he has been sexing. Jamie Mack has a close friend that has been known to sex bug girls...and ugly girls and he believes that all of the stereotypes are true. He also feels like there is someone for everyone.

Jamie Mack offers French a get out of black card free. One year as a white person and Reggy says he will be more than ready to come home. He would miss his oppression. Jamie Mack would leave us all behind if he ever got the shot....


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