Episode 651

December 15, 2020


Trust No One, Experience Nothing

Trust No One, Experience Nothing
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Trust No One, Experience Nothing

Dec 15 2020 | 02:00:17


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #651

Jamie Mack’s continues down the ambiguous…never mind. It’s French Reggy’s birthday. We have shots on deck for the celebration. Make sure you toast one with us for the youngun. No matter what French says on this birthday show, we are going to let be truth.

Who is the biggest hustler of all time? You don’t want to know the answer. It isn’t Trump, by the way.

Professional sports are done. I can barely watch them anymore. But why? The athletes are still talented. Some would say that modern athletes are more talented. I have a theory.

Jamie Mack trusts no one. At least not at first. But one of his friends rocked his world after knowing them for many years. So now he is not willing to let anyone be close. How does he ever plan to have any new experiences?French and his soul ties surprisingly agrees for the most part. I am the only one that has a heart full of trust.

Trust No One, Experience Nothing #TNNS651

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