Episode 736

August 16, 2022


I'm Going to Sign the Ticket Mr. Brooks

I'm Going to Sign the Ticket Mr. Brooks
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
I'm Going to Sign the Ticket Mr. Brooks

Aug 16 2022 | 02:17:04


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #736

Do you remember a couple of summers ago when a black person being on camera being arrested was a job suicide situation for a cop? Well, it seems like those days are coming to an end. The masses are starting to wake up to the fake victims. And I think it is necessary. There are really people being victimized by awful police officers. But just because you are black doesn't mean it is a bad arrest. WE go to Atlanta and see a black officer using every restraint muscle in his body to not hurt or even offend this particular child of god. At one point he even pulled the taser out and allowed his cool head to prevail and put it away. He did have to use the leg sweep, though. But this woman was being over the top. And why? Because she was in the park after hours. Just take your ticket and go home. NOPE! The scene went from "I am not signing that ticket." to "I'm going to sign the ticket, Mr. Brooks." NOPE! Too late. You are going to jail. The next 40 minutes was a case study on ridiculousness.

French Reggy wants to talk about where he draws the line when it comes to kids being exposed to violence and sexuality. Too bad he isn't ready to start shoring up all of the lines and holes that need to be filled. His liberal ideals come back to bite him when we start hearing about MAPS. Keep the same energy.

I'm Going to Sign the Ticket Mr. Brooks #TNNS736

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