Episode 737

August 23, 2022


50 Trips Around the Sun

50 Trips Around the Sun
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
50 Trips Around the Sun

Aug 23 2022 | 02:03:06


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #737

Jamie Mack turns the Big 50! We didn't do anything special unless you consider this bomb-ass podcast as special!!!

We discuss the difference between worrying and planning. Also whether or not worrying is a feminine trait. I know what you are thinking...worrying can't be gender based. I felt the same thing. But let's let our in-house misogynists mansplain why worrying is for girls.

Jamie Mack wants to forgive racists and wrongdoers based on context of the time they held the views. French wants to just get along and include everything with an opinion. He once again tried to indoctrinate us into the clan of inclusion.

50 Trips Around the Sun #TNNS737

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