Episode 683

July 20, 2021


Hog Maws are just like Chitterlings

Hog Maws are just like Chitterlings
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Hog Maws are just like Chitterlings

Jul 20 2021 | 02:02:51


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #683

We have to apologize for not having a premium episode of Smoke Session last week. No one let me know that it didn’t come out. We will put out two this week to make up for it. This is what happens when you let smokers be in charge of content.

Jamie Mack is in denial about the way French Reggy stretched him and made him feel. Sadly, French jumped on board and Mack retreated back into his closet. Now he is only willing to vouch for chiropractors. Shout out to Dr Abraham. And shout out to French for learning a real therapy backed by science.

French is weary of the new emojis. One of them is a pregnant man. Where is this a thing? Only in emoji-land. But let “them” tell it, it is everywhere. I don’t agree. This is only the few and definitely the proud. Sports Illustrated has a controversial cover model. Which forces Mack to make the analogy of being halfway done with a plate of hog maws. He says that everyone would continue eating if the hog maws were delicious. I don’t think that I would keep eating chitterlings once I found out what they were. How does this relate to a swimsuit model?

Should kids have the right to express their feelings to their parents if it is disrespectful? How much leeway should a dad give his daughter in a situation where he is trying to speak to her and she is not allowing it? This IG post that Reggy showed us had people sticking up for a disrespectful kid. It will only be so long before men stop trying. When we are muted and have given up, who will protect you from the real boogie man?

How are you preparing for the older you? While you are young enough to do something about it, do so. Find out how much you will need to live without outside support and work towards that.

Hog Maws are just like Chitterlings #TNNS683

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