Episode 699

November 16, 2021


Down The Anal Rabbit Hole

Down The Anal Rabbit Hole
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Down The Anal Rabbit Hole

Nov 16 2021 | 02:19:41


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #699

French Reggy brings a friend from high school and doesn’t even know how to introduce him. Mentee is just like the mentor. We start this show off talking about how ghetto Jamie Mack still is. You need proof, he still has a concoction for every cheap meal item. Kool Aid? He has a mix for that. Ramen Noodles? He has some additions that make it gourmet. However, I have never heard of anyone putting cheese in the Ramen noodles.

Of all of the hosts on the show, most would think that Jamie Mack was the “freakiest” one. He is the one that likes pain, has been to a swinger club and party, etc. etc. However, he thinks that anal is freaky. Has he not heard of the girls that are willing to do head or anal but won’t have vaginal sex?

Because of this, he thinks that gay sex is inherently freakier. He asks our gay guest if he agrees and we go down a long anal rabbit hole.

Down The Anal Rabbit Hole #TNNS699

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