Episode 722

April 26, 2022


3% Regina

3% Regina
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
3% Regina

Apr 26 2022 | 02:08:10


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #722

French Reggy is Technically Diverse. That means he is alternate smart. We need to come up with name for French's technical acumen that allows him to still get a trophy for participation. Speaking of diversity, the R word is no longer accepted. Soon "special needs" will also be sun-lighted. The new inclusive term is neuro-diverse.

Jamie Mack had an invisible friend as a child. For all of you that knew him back then, he finally admits that he was lying. There was no flea. However, French still has an imaginary friend. It is his long lost twin sister. Apparently, she is still around and comes out during the oddest times. She speaks for Reggy sometimes and doesn't seem to care that he is a man. Luckily, she only takes up 3% of who he is and what he says.

French Reggy wants all men to become Basic B's. We can all benefit from the the fat around our midsection. Suck it out and put in in your pickle. Girth Girth Girth. Wide as you are long is sexy, right?

3% Regina #TNNS722

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