December 31, 2019


Woke Up In The Matrix

Woke Up In The Matrix
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Woke Up In The Matrix

Dec 31 2019 | 01:55:10


Show Notes

Episode #554 Jamie Mack is starting to understand how to dissect and critique a movie. After going to the movie theater to see Uncut Gems, he called me excited and ready to talk about all of the high points. Without recognizing it, he successfully watched a good movie and then wanted to talk about it. It inspired many items for discussion. I would have thought that this would be enough to get his better movie review gear. He is holding on to Gone Girl being a bad movie. So maybe I will hold on to my judgement about whether he can't recommend movies.

Meanwhile, we dig further into the idea that ignorance is bliss. After viewing a Breakfast Club interview of Dr Claud Anderson, Mack wants to go back to sleep and avoid all things woke. As much as I try to be a person seeking truth, I see my peers and recognize that no one seems to be happy outside of the status quo. The matrix provides certain comforts that may be necessary for happiness.

Contrary to popular opinion, on The No Nonsense Show, we don't parrot the left leaning talking points about whether men can speak on women's things. everyone should be able to speak on everything. And we exercise our right. If your school changes the dress code to disallow braids, and you care enough about ballet, take them out. Seems easy.

We end the show with a year end Question The Nonsense featuring French Reggy.

Woke Up In The Matrix #TNNS554

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