The Co-Founding Of Reggy

Episode 658 January 26, 2021 02:01:51
The Co-Founding Of Reggy
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Co-Founding Of Reggy

Jan 26 2021 | 02:01:51


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #658

Young entrepreneurs are what make the world go round. French Reggy does not have goals to be president of the U.S., however, he does want to be president of a company. WHICH HE ALREADY IS. We find out that Reggy has a new business in the works. But wait, he is already the Co-President of Give Umanity. But that is where this all stops. We find out that 2 Expensive has found yet another way to disappoint French Reggy and offer him another life lesson. Turns out the articles filed with the Secretary of State list Reggy as a co-founder and his partner as simply “FOUNDER”. So he is the CEO (Cuckold Executive Officer).

Jamie Mack wants everyone to try drugs. I am so fascinated at the amount of things he has tried. I really believed that black people only smoked weed. Maybe did a little coke from time to time, but mostly weed. I was wrong. Jamie Mack surprises me with yet another drug that I didn’t think black people took.

Much like religion, many people walk the earth everyday with absolutely no proof of extraterrestrials. Yet, they think there is no doubt that aliens exist and are coming to conquer the earth. I read an op-ed piece from the NASA website and it sways no one.

As a man, how do you react when you learn that another man is better than you at something? Two choices, cuck it out or come harder. Which do you think we all picked?

The Co-Founding Of Reggy #TNNS658

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