Episode 687

August 17, 2021



The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience

Aug 17 2021 | 02:06:31


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #687

Should a meetoo be able to haunt you from the 60s? Bob Dylan is about to be taken to court for something that happened in the 60s. This woman has wrinkles older than she was when this offense happened. True enough, a crime is a crime. But what is the end goal? French has started to show a new skin. He doesn’t stick up for this woman.

In a time when women are constantly saying that all men are trash, we listen to a woman say that all men are trash immediately before saying that sometimes she fluidly changes to a man. You guessed it, French won’t stick up for her either. Mack is turned on by this. None of us understand how he could take pleasure from this. As you will see later on, he takes pleasure in a lot of things that most would not this episode.

Afghanistan is in turmoil as the US pulls out and allows the Taliban to take up leadership in the capitol. One female mayor is in fear of her life. Jamie Mack thinks this is hilarious. I will let you listen and try to figure out why. Either way. the country in in trouble and French feels like it is due to our interest in their poppy fields. But now since they have a new drug (Covid vaccines), we can abandon the country and let it implode.

Mack is willing to die on the non-vaccine hill. He isn’t the only one. Smooth has started reconsider his initial plan to get his shots. French is already stuck. I’m not getting it until it isn’t possible to not get it anymore. But one teenager in Singapore has successfully sued a vaccine company to the tune of $225,000. Hopefully this is setting a precedent that will allow future sufferers of vaccine fallout a chance to at least pay for their doctor bills.

Mack wants to know how many lovers it too many for our wife to have had. One porno star has recently posted a picture of her privates online and said that she has had sex with 400+ men. And asked if her cooch looked worn out. Can you accept that many? I guess it depends on how many big bangers she has been with. Mack says he has sex like a sociopath. I don’t know if I want my woman to have been with 400 sociopaths.

Sexiopathic #TNNS687

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