Episode 716

March 15, 2022


Read The Note

Read The Note
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Read The Note

Mar 15 2022 | 02:12:41


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #716

Jamie Mack is back from his cruise with stories. First trip as a single. So what's that life like? And why did you end up high on a jet ski? The last place I would want to be high is in a Mexican jail. Jamie Mack did his best to avoid a physical altercation, but hasn't changed much on the tipping scale. He removed gratuity from his bill...even though the maid did him a solid.

Ryan Coogler was put in bracelets at an Atlanta bank earlier this year, Body cam footage was released this week and it tells the story of a young black man with money that is treated like a poor black man. Some people saw the cops at fault. Some people saw the bank at fault. Some people saw Ryan at fault. In the end, all she had to do was read the note. "I mean it damnit read the note". Is there privilege abuse here? The system is broken. Tell us something we didn't know.

French wants to know how we feel about our connection to a higher power. What is our journey to the discovery. Do we feel connected to a power source? Is there really a source? Let's talk about the journey.

Read The Note #TNNS716

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