September 03, 2019


I’m Attracted, No I’m Not

I’m Attracted, No I’m Not
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I’m Attracted, No I’m Not

Sep 03 2019 | 01:21:50


Show Notes

Episode #521 As I have been saying fro some time, the movement against men is coming to an end. Perfect new evidence of this is a recent stand-up special by Dave Chapelle. With wit and logic he was able to craft arguably his greatest stand up yet. Obviously, he is a funny guy. But in this special, he combined an adequate amount of shut the bleep up for the social justice warriors and sensitivity police. Our show is five years in, and just in time the big guns are coming in like cavalry.

Speaking of the cavalry, Jaye Smooth is confused. He doesn’t know what attraction means. One second he is attracted to alternative lifestyles…the next he denies and rebukes the thought in the name of Jesus. Much like Mr. Yoga, Jaye Smooth sees the beauty in all women. Even the ones that were not born that way. But only until he knows they weren’t born that way. Then he hates them. Compliment rescinded.

I’m Attracted, No I’m Not #TNNS9521

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