December 03, 2019


Honor, Courage, & Commitment

Honor, Courage, & Commitment
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Honor, Courage, & Commitment

Dec 03 2019 | 01:26:05


Show Notes

Episode #547 Smooth is back in the gym. He has gotten it back according to him. He got down to 220 before bouncing back to 222. Only 130 pounds left to reach a portly 195. Good luck Smooth!

Shot In the Grave came out of retirement to clap back. So we address it all. However, the beef is over after we received a honest message from them.

Kyrie is being himself and Mack can’t take it. Today’s young people need to man up and play ball. What is society saying to these young people? Is the league the problem? Are the fans the problem? Or is Kyrie a softie?

A dad that hates his kids deserves no family. But what if he is simply making the greatest sacrifice of all time? Is him keeping the family together not a valiant effort? And how can you tell a person who to love? One guy was on suicide watch because he hated his life but recognized his duty. What are your core values? If you haven’t ever heard us have a heated argument, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Honor, Courage, & Commitment #TNNS547

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