Episode 785

September 19, 2023


Days Since Last Incident: 0

Days Since Last Incident: 0
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Days Since Last Incident: 0

Sep 19 2023 | 01:47:40


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #785

Before I start these show notes, I want you to know that no girlfriends were injured during this recording. However, Jamie Mack did create a girlfriend incident on this episode. He has had a terrible habit of speaking about French Reggy’s relationship/girl. Today we learned that the habit is now officially an addiction. Jamie Mack is an addict and will always be one.

Meanwhile, Jamie Mack wants to go to women’s prison; French is allergic to technology and peanuts; Pimps back in; and you should run fat people away from your gym.

Days Since Last Incident: 0 #TNNS785

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: The views and opinions expressed by The No Nonsense Show and its hosts do not necessarily reflect views consistent with political correctness or the rare Sonics podcast network. So to get the show started right, we want to wish any officers of the Sensitivity police a heartfelt. Fuck you. [00:00:13] Speaker B: I feel like I may be an asshole then. [00:00:15] Speaker A: Oh, you are? [00:00:15] Speaker B: Well, no, no, I mean, because I put in this slack room that, you know, my displeasure for people who fucking want to to take extra time for fucking who knows what reason to go? [00:00:30] Speaker A: Well, you know the reason now. [00:00:31] Speaker B: I have no idea. Still. I still don't understand the reason. But people that like to back into parking spots for who? I mean, again, I get it. If you're about to rob a bank or the store or whatever the fuck, you need a quick getaway for great. Great. I get it. That makes sense to me. But to say, oh, I just like to do well, okay, but why? [00:00:54] Speaker A: Because, again, who said, I just like to do it? Stop. [00:00:56] Speaker B: Montoya said that shit. [00:00:57] Speaker A: No, he didn't. No, he did. [00:00:58] Speaker B: Montoya's was like, I just like to do that shit. [00:01:01] Speaker A: So first of all, first of all, before we say anything else, pimps back in. That's all. First. That's the first thing we got to say. You are listening to the no nonsense show. [00:01:26] Speaker B: 10% less bullshit than any other podcast, guaranteed. [00:01:30] Speaker A: First, pimps back in. Pimps don't pull in. They back in. [00:01:34] Speaker B: I don't know. I never heard that one. [00:01:35] Speaker A: You crazy. Say, look, think about the bronze, man. You know what I'm saying? You got the little dice on the mirror. You're not pulling that into no spot, bro. You throwing that you riding past the spot now. You throwing that in reverse. You putting your arm on the seat because you know the seat go all the way across. You throwing your arm on the seat, and then you put your palm you're not putting your fingers around the steering wheel. You got your palm flat out, and you got the middle of your palm around the steering wheel, and you turning it, and you looking back. You know what I'm saying? You're looking back, and you like, yeah. [00:02:02] Speaker B: What you just described to me when you first talked about that, bro, home, I imagine curb feelers right. [00:02:08] Speaker A: That's parallel parking. [00:02:09] Speaker B: So, again, that's all you need is you get them curb fillers. You just pull up to the curb. You don't even get into a spot. [00:02:13] Speaker A: There's no spots in it. You can't pull up to the curb at the mall. Pimps do no, pimps don't. [00:02:18] Speaker B: Pimps do. [00:02:19] Speaker A: Pimps don't get towed. You know how unpimpaged that is to get towed? [00:02:22] Speaker B: Exactly. They don't get towed. They just pull up to the curb. [00:02:24] Speaker A: Hey, man, let me ask you a question. [00:02:26] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:02:26] Speaker A: Did you hear on last episode, all that microphone noise in the beginning and the end of the show, you know what that was, right? Yes, that was French. And he's doing it again. [00:02:33] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:02:33] Speaker A: Stop touching it, man. Why are you holding the mic? We don't have hold up. We don't have hold is yours broke again? [00:02:38] Speaker B: Is it broke? [00:02:39] Speaker A: Yeah, because mine's a little loose. We don't hold our mics, bro. We don't hold our mics. They're mic stands. So every time you make some noise with your hand on the mic, that's something I got to figure out later. And I didn't catch it. No. So at first it wasn't connected because last episode were so did you tighten it up? Do we need to pause the episode and let you no, it can'tighten up. It's broken. So we'd have to really examine it. Oh, yeah, that's right. So do you want to use this one? [00:03:02] Speaker B: I would say yeah. [00:03:03] Speaker A: That's a lot of work. For now. We good. I don't mind holding it, but you're. [00:03:06] Speaker B: Going to keep moving it like that. [00:03:07] Speaker A: What I could do is I could take that mic off of there right now while Mac is yep. You could disconnect your cable. I could disconnect this one. Bring that mic stand over to you. You can just put your mic cable same mic. Just put the mic cable. [00:03:22] Speaker B: Just use the filter. Take that guard off and just use that mic. [00:03:25] Speaker A: I just don't understand why it's always a problem. Is your mic is it broken? [00:03:28] Speaker B: I don't touch it. Right. [00:03:30] Speaker A: His was broken one time. [00:03:32] Speaker B: One time? [00:03:32] Speaker A: Like, when if it's broken, why is it he fixed it. He had fixed it. You forgot. No mic. What happens? I feel like you did make it turn. [00:03:43] Speaker B: I feel like you made it. [00:03:44] Speaker A: So do you turn it to you and let go. French, man, I swear to God, he is like, Go ahead and I'm going to try to come that one time. You forgot. You have to fix it yourself. [00:03:53] Speaker B: Yeah, I do forget. I forgot. But I even brought your own tool. But my point is, it's not even doing anything. Like, you don't have to do anything with this mic except for leave it alone. [00:04:05] Speaker A: But my mic never really had issues till right now. Usually the only other issues was connecting. It wasn't, like, the mic itself. It was just like I missed a connection. [00:04:13] Speaker B: I know what it is because I sit next to you and I see it. You like to finger fuck that thing too much, man. Quit playing with it. You be like, Tweaky, tweaky, tweaky, tweaky. Like, oh, I want it to be up. No, I want it to be down. I want it to be up. And then next thing you know, that shit's loose like a hooker's pussy, man. And you just need to leave that motherfucker alone. [00:04:30] Speaker A: Maybe you're right about that. But I do have this problem, like simple task. [00:04:34] Speaker B: Like, it are you saying that simple stuff is hard for you? [00:04:38] Speaker A: Simple stuff? It's not like everything but I have the tendency where something basic, I have a hard time doing, but something very complex I can do. [00:04:49] Speaker B: There we go. [00:04:49] Speaker A: Bring it a little closer. That's all right. I'm not touching it. I'm good. I'm wearing condoms. Only now. [00:04:56] Speaker B: No, you're good now I feel like you're solid now. [00:05:01] Speaker A: No, ever since I was a kid, I had that issue. It wasn't even like I remember when I was a kid. [00:05:10] Speaker B: Addition. [00:05:11] Speaker A: I had problems with addition, but when it came for multiplication and fractions, it came easy. [00:05:18] Speaker B: But like two plus six. [00:05:19] Speaker A: I don't agree that everything simple is hard and everything hard is simple. [00:05:24] Speaker B: It's hard to make things simple, though. [00:05:26] Speaker A: It's hard to make hard things simple. But if something is simple no, I'm talking about you. I don't believe that you do well with hard things and you don't do well with I don't believe that. You haven't proven that. You just said it. You don't have to believe it. Well, you didn't prove it, you just said it. Just look at my life. Look what I've achieved in life. [00:05:44] Speaker B: What complex receipts you got. [00:05:48] Speaker A: I'm breathing. I mean, we're all easy. [00:05:50] Speaker B: You don't even think about that. [00:05:52] Speaker A: Yeah, that's instinctual, right? [00:05:53] Speaker B: You don't even think about that. [00:05:55] Speaker A: Hold your nose, put your hand over your mouth. I guarantee you're going to fight through that. [00:05:57] Speaker B: Newborns do that, right? [00:05:59] Speaker A: In water. Newborns swim naturally. But I'm telling you again, he's just telling us there's no proof, right? [00:06:08] Speaker B: And we can get to this sweater again because he put it on and I don't know what, but again, I don't want to sweater his hoodie, sweatshirt. [00:06:17] Speaker A: Sweater is knitted, fabric. Like, never mind. Pimps back in. [00:06:20] Speaker B: No, they don't. [00:06:20] Speaker A: They do. [00:06:22] Speaker B: So is that why you back in? [00:06:23] Speaker A: Pimp? Yes, I'm a pimp, but that's not why I back in. I back in for safety. And I try to explain to them you said that they just do it because they like it. No, there's a safety reason, right? So the world is full of idiots. True or false? True. Okay, so we're agreeing. I'm going to teach you how to negotiate. So the way you negotiate is I get you to say yes four times, and then when I get to the no, you're so used to saying yes, I have a better chance of getting so people are retarded everywhere, right? [00:06:48] Speaker B: Yes. [00:06:48] Speaker A: True. Got you. Okay, perfect. So if that's the case right, we know that. So when we get to a parking lot, and parking lots are full most of the time, true or false at like, the mall places where there would be an issue like what I'm describing. [00:07:02] Speaker B: No, definitely yes. [00:07:04] Speaker A: Okay, so if you were deciding whether or not you were going to pull in or back in based off the first two yeses, I got from you. Right? Why wouldn't you want to make the transaction be as easy as possible with as little resistance as possible. Now, there's two things we know. [00:07:23] Speaker B: What are you saying? That one didn't give me a yes to get out of. [00:07:25] Speaker A: Okay. There's no yes, and now I'm explaining, all right, there are two scenarios that we can use. [00:07:31] Speaker B: Okay? [00:07:31] Speaker A: All right? You pull in and you go do it quick or whatever. So it's easy. You get out, you're in the mall and it's whatever. [00:07:39] Speaker B: Right? Okay. Yeah. Like a normal person. [00:07:41] Speaker A: No, not a normal person. [00:07:45] Speaker B: No. [00:07:45] Speaker A: Because most of you all pull in crooked anyway. Most of you all who pull in crooked. [00:07:50] Speaker B: You're not going to be able to say no to this because, again, the lanes have arrows pointing the direction that you're supposed to be going in when. [00:07:57] Speaker A: You'Re driving, not when you're parking. That's just when you're driving. [00:07:59] Speaker B: Yeah. So you're driving down it and they're slanted at a certain way so for. [00:08:03] Speaker A: You to land it at it okay, no, stop. See, you didn't put all the details in the thing in slack because we didn't know that these were angled parking spots, that they only go a certain direction. That's not what you said. Most people, when they assume a parking lot, they're thinking they're all square striped spaces. [00:08:20] Speaker B: Yeah. No, the one I was in, they were fucking they're straight and there's arrows that are going down. And then because of the arrows, the lanes are shifting. [00:08:29] Speaker A: Do you understand now a certain way? No one agreed with you. [00:08:32] Speaker B: Do you agree with me now? [00:08:33] Speaker A: Yes. [00:08:34] Speaker B: That someone backing in in those to that situation? [00:08:36] Speaker A: Yes, but that's not what you said. Okay, so the reason why people back into spots in normal situations because they. [00:08:41] Speaker B: Normally do because they do it in those straight ones, so they figure, let me do it here, too. [00:08:44] Speaker A: Well, no, but there's a reason why, though, and that's because I would rather take the time in the beginning when there's nobody pressuring me to park or do anything while I have the time, I'm going to go past the spot a little bit and back in. Reason being is when I'm trying to pull out, I don't want that person who's trying to rush me and pulling too close to where I'm at. I don't want that person who's honking at me or watching me to see what like following me down the parking lot to get to where I'm at. Right. That's stressful. Right. I want to alleviate any yeah, that's stressful. [00:09:11] Speaker B: No, it isn't. [00:09:12] Speaker A: Yes, it is, because then no, see, again, we're not talking about the same thing. Are we talking about you and your ego? Are we talking about parking? [00:09:19] Speaker B: I'm talking about a motherfucker that try to rush me to get out of a parking spot, wait your fucking turn. [00:09:24] Speaker A: Right. But that is not the argument that we're in right now. [00:09:27] Speaker B: Well, you just try to use it. [00:09:28] Speaker A: I'm using it as examples, as situational reasons why backing in is better than pulling in. [00:09:33] Speaker B: Well, if I can't object to it. I would have prefer you not use it. [00:09:36] Speaker A: Well, can you wait till I finish before you object? [00:09:38] Speaker B: Okay. [00:09:39] Speaker A: Will that work? [00:09:40] Speaker B: I'll just do it. [00:09:41] Speaker A: Okay. [00:09:42] Speaker B: Is that my third yes? [00:09:43] Speaker A: That's a yes. That's not part of this. [00:09:46] Speaker B: Okay. [00:09:46] Speaker A: Damn it. So would you agree that if you're backed in, when it's time to pull out, your direction is clear? Everything is clear. You can see both directions at once without having to make any real adjustment? [00:09:58] Speaker B: Right. [00:09:59] Speaker A: And when you pull out, you can just go the direction that you want to go, as opposed to if somebody's waiting on you and you've pulled in trying to back out. Now, depending on where they are, you might not get to go the direction you wanted to go first, you might not be able to go the direction you wanted to go second. Why are you making that phase? Because you're telling me you've never been crowded coming out of a parking spot and you couldn't back out that way. You had to back out the other way and go the way you didn't want to go. [00:10:19] Speaker B: Because, again, this doesn't make any sense because if that person is there, you can't go that way anyway. [00:10:23] Speaker A: No, if you're going forward, you can because you don't have to negotiate with the spot that he's in and try to make sure you're not going to hit anything by looking behind your back. You're just pulling straight out. You can see everything, the entire landscape. [00:10:34] Speaker B: How do you get around this person that's waiting where I can't how do you get around? [00:10:40] Speaker A: You can see. The difference is you can see everything. So when you're pulling out, you can make the adjustment a lot easier. If you're trying to back out. I'm not saying you can't do it, but chances are he's going either have to move or you're going to have to go the other way. If you're backing out because the front wheels are the wheels that turn. Mac, you have to know there's a difference between backing and pulling in when you know that only two of the wheels turn. [00:11:00] Speaker B: Yes, I do know there's a difference between. [00:11:02] Speaker A: Have you ever tried to make a wagon do what you wanted to do? When you're going backwards, it's difficult because the front wheels turn, the back wheels don't. So if you're going to use the wagon example or a trailer, you know this doing it. So you know that backing is impossible. Backing is much more difficult than pulling. So if you know that, do the hard work in the beginning. That way, when you get back to your car, you pull out, there's no worry about your trailer or. [00:11:28] Speaker B: The wheels that turn. [00:11:29] Speaker A: None of that matters anymore. Now you just pull straight out and you go where you're going. No chance for a wreck, no chance for a fender bender, no chance for no frustration because the person's too close to you or pulled too far in the middle. You don't have to worry about any of that. You just pull out and go either direction. Go wherever you want to go. No harm, no foul. You're done no frustration. [00:11:47] Speaker B: So you said, do the hard work in the beginning, right? So that's one. Yes. There's hard work regardless being done. Correct? [00:11:56] Speaker A: Right. [00:11:56] Speaker B: That's two. [00:11:57] Speaker A: Yeses. Yes. [00:11:57] Speaker B: All right. If I am behind you, you're still making me wait while you do the hard work in the beginning. Are you not worried about my frustration now? [00:12:09] Speaker A: It's not the same because that person is not waiting on my spot. So there's a difference. [00:12:13] Speaker B: I'm waiting to get to the next spot that's about to be open and about to be took by somebody else because you want to be Captain Getaway. [00:12:19] Speaker A: Not the same. And you know it's not. You're just making this argument to make an argument. I'm not you know, that's not the just agreed beforehand saying, yeah, I do do this. [00:12:28] Speaker B: Right. So again, that's what they're talking about. A trailer, right? In a car, you don't have a fucking trailer. [00:12:34] Speaker A: Yeah, but you only have two wheels that turn. It's the same principle. It's just you don't have something behind. You use the same principle all the time. Don't ever change it. There's no reason to. [00:12:42] Speaker B: Okay, so then let me ask you this. [00:12:44] Speaker A: You can make a much more accurate movement if you're going forward. [00:12:48] Speaker B: Let me ask you this. So when you're in a place where the lanes have arrows and the lanes. [00:12:55] Speaker A: Always have arrows, we're talking about the. [00:12:56] Speaker B: Angled parking spot, do you back into those? [00:12:59] Speaker A: Not ever. Gosh. [00:13:00] Speaker B: Damn it. That's a no. So what do I do? I have to start over? [00:13:03] Speaker A: No, the problem was that you didn't give all the information and then you got mad. You came in here mad. See, first of all, your aggression is what made me be aggressive to you. [00:13:11] Speaker B: Is that right? [00:13:11] Speaker A: You came in hot. [00:13:12] Speaker B: That sounds like an abuser. [00:13:13] Speaker A: You came in hot. [00:13:14] Speaker B: I mean, that sounds like you came in hot. Look what you made me do to you. [00:13:18] Speaker A: No, you came in hot because nobody agrees. Me. I guess I'm the asshole. Yes, you are an asshole, but not because of that. You're an asshole because you didn't give all the information and then got mad because people didn't agree with you. [00:13:30] Speaker B: No. Again, I wasn't looking for agreement. I was just posting that. I just realized that when I see these people doing it okay, let's be clear, because you probably don't shop here. Walmart is where I've seen it at, right? Like, this is where I was experiencing this at. And I'm like, you motherfuckers, stop doing it's. What are you being cool for? I don't get it. Because, again, these are slanted fucking parking spots for a reason. And the arrows are for people to pull in directly into the slanted way. You want to fucking go past it from the other side and then try to back your ass in this way. [00:14:09] Speaker A: Well, let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question, because everybody's not a master driver like you, right? Let me ask a question. [00:14:14] Speaker B: Most of these motherfuckers doing this are not master drivers. That's why it's taking them so long and pissing me off. [00:14:19] Speaker A: Okay, so you agree that most people are not master drivers? [00:14:22] Speaker B: Yes. [00:14:22] Speaker A: And we've already agreed that most people are fucking idiots? [00:14:24] Speaker B: Yes. [00:14:24] Speaker A: Okay. Do you think more accidents happen from people in parking lots that backed in or pulled in? I'll wait. Pull in. I'll just say it for you. [00:14:33] Speaker B: I don't know. Yes, because where are you getting that? Sounds like a fridge. Reggie stat. [00:14:36] Speaker A: Every accident I've ever seen, been a part of, et cetera, in a parking lot has always been somebody trying to back out of a spot and couldn't see every single one. I've never seen anybody pull out and hit somebody. Never. [00:14:46] Speaker B: You think they can see when they're fucking backing in? [00:14:49] Speaker A: Yes. Because nothing's moving. The place they're going, the place they're going, nothing is moving. But when you back out into an open parking lot, everything is moving. There are people walking, there's cars trying to get around. They're not sure if they're going to give you the chance to get out before they just go around. There's a whole bunch of stuff. Every single accident I've ever seen in a parking lot has been someone who pulled in, not someone who backed it. [00:15:09] Speaker B: What are you laughing at? [00:15:10] Speaker A: Defensive attorney. He shouldn't. He sucks. What are you laughing about? This nigga will fight a point just to fight him. [00:15:17] Speaker B: No, it's not, bro. [00:15:18] Speaker A: So again, this is like you saying you do difficult tasks, but you can't do easy tasks. No proof. [00:15:23] Speaker B: No, neither one of you all can be attorney. You just did it. You were like, most of the accidents happen. [00:15:28] Speaker A: It's anecdotal. But name a time you've seen somebody in an accident that pulled out of their spot. They always back out of the spot and get an accident. The accident you talked about on this show a few episodes ago, maybe like 30 or 40 episodes ago, was somebody backing out? It may have been you backing out. Who was that? Somebody backed out into you? My nigga. Stop. I'm killing you. I'm killing you in court right now. You dying, nigga. You get light. [00:15:51] Speaker B: What are you talking about? What accident? The one you told he was in a parking lot. Give me some details about what you remember. [00:15:58] Speaker A: Reggie I think he was getting his nails done or some shit. Like some gay shit. It was some gay shit, nigga, you are getting killed. Because nothing happened. That's why. It wasn't a big deal. There was no damages, but it was closed. Somebody hit you. They hit you with their car backing out. [00:16:16] Speaker B: See, both of y'all are wrong. [00:16:18] Speaker A: Oh, okay. There we go. [00:16:19] Speaker B: For both of you guys. [00:16:20] Speaker A: So nobody backed out? [00:16:21] Speaker B: Yes, there was someone that backed out, but nobody backed out into me. [00:16:24] Speaker A: Somebody. They backed out into somebody. [00:16:25] Speaker B: And it wasn't gay. I was at Home Depot. [00:16:27] Speaker A: It doesn't matter what depot you was at. [00:16:29] Speaker B: It does because French Reggie's so again, if you try to use evidence and you're like, yeah, I know this and that, and then I bust it out, and you're like, you didn't bust nothing. He's like, I know what happened. And then I go, okay, that's not really what happened. [00:16:40] Speaker A: And then maybe you got your nails done. [00:16:42] Speaker B: He's a bad witness. [00:16:43] Speaker A: Maybe you got your nails done at the pole. [00:16:44] Speaker B: I don't know. You get nails at the pole, but you don't get them done there. [00:16:49] Speaker A: Maybe you were confused. [00:16:52] Speaker B: And I hate to admit this, I hit them. Yes. [00:17:01] Speaker A: And guess what you were doing? [00:17:02] Speaker B: I was backing out because I didn't look. [00:17:06] Speaker A: So 100% of the accidents that the three of us have had backing into or pulling into a spot has always been a backout every single time. And on my Z three, when I first got it, the front fender is like kitted, so it's like, really low, right? I was at Walgreens or something. I pulled into the spot, and the front of that car is a lot longer than the back of the car because it's a roadster, okay? So I pulled in, and I couldn't quite judge the distance to the curb. I slammed into the stopper on the ground, and it cracked my entire frame. I had to get all that replaced. [00:17:39] Speaker B: I've seen that happen a lot, too. [00:17:41] Speaker A: You seen that what? [00:17:42] Speaker B: I've seen that happen. [00:17:43] Speaker A: A win. I've seen that happen. What, when people no, finish the sentence. I've seen that happen. You said a lot. [00:17:50] Speaker B: A lot is what you I've seen. [00:17:51] Speaker A: That happen a lot. [00:17:52] Speaker B: Yeah, people always so that's two very. [00:17:55] Speaker A: Good reasons to back into every spot every single time. And yet here you are, still making the case. [00:18:00] Speaker B: No, because you just said some shit that you didn't agree with. Not every single fucking time. [00:18:04] Speaker A: See? [00:18:04] Speaker B: Not when they're slanted. [00:18:06] Speaker A: What I just say? It's a better idea to back into a spot every single time. Now, do I practice the slanted parking spot back in? No, but that's just because it's physically awkward. [00:18:16] Speaker B: I'm going to need you to calm yourself down. [00:18:17] Speaker A: Right? Like, I don't know who parks at the slant. I never even go there. [00:18:22] Speaker B: Bullshit drive. We could go to a fucking Walmart right now and there's very few people back in slanted. [00:18:27] Speaker A: But Walmart over here is square. [00:18:29] Speaker B: It's not slanted over there. When I just went to go get that food, publix does. Yeah. And I've seen them. [00:18:36] Speaker A: Here's the question, right? [00:18:37] Speaker B: You think they pull through? Is that what you can tell me? [00:18:39] Speaker A: Maybe they pull through, but still, if it's awkward to come out of that spot. Even pulling out of that spot is awkward. [00:18:45] Speaker B: I agree. [00:18:45] Speaker A: Yeah. But French could to me, I feel like he could be the person to, I guess, settle this because he's got a wreck on every single side of his car. [00:18:55] Speaker B: How did all those happen? [00:18:57] Speaker A: All the people who know about wreck? [00:18:58] Speaker B: Was that from pulling out? [00:18:59] Speaker A: Give it to French. [00:19:00] Speaker B: Backing out. [00:19:01] Speaker A: And that was merging lanes? No, not all of them. The latest one, the one having fixed was merging lanes. [00:19:10] Speaker B: So you were merging and you didn't see them or they were merged. [00:19:16] Speaker A: French don't get a new car, dude, stay on that car because there's no reason yeah, you're going to wreck whatever you get. So just might as well. You already got dents in that. [00:19:25] Speaker B: Just going to keep that it's like when you get a crack in your phone and you just keep dropping that bitch and you just a dropster and you just like, fuck it, I'm just going to rock with all these cracks in the bitch, bro. [00:19:36] Speaker A: No, never mind. I didn't go talk about that. Go ahead. [00:19:40] Speaker B: Because you want to know. [00:19:41] Speaker A: Now look, everybody listening. Did the same thing. Like, fuck this nigga. Oh, well, DA DA DA DA. You're not going to know. It's really important, too. It's really cool, too. [00:19:56] Speaker B: He's got them too. Because Ridge is like, really? I bet it is. I want to know. [00:20:00] Speaker A: It is, but I'm not telling. [00:20:01] Speaker B: Listen, sometimes you got to save the jewels. You got to save them. Listen, so can we talk about the hoodie? I just don't know what you got going on. First off, it's very rainbowish. [00:20:11] Speaker A: It's got a lot of rainbows in it. [00:20:12] Speaker B: Very rainbowish. [00:20:13] Speaker A: That's heat. Sure, heat. [00:20:16] Speaker B: Do you think that a person's hand? So those are hands. It's like the David thing. Like, was that Sistine Chapel? [00:20:24] Speaker A: He's trying to say infrared. He said heat, but I think he means infrared. [00:20:27] Speaker B: But that's ridiculous. [00:20:31] Speaker A: It's an infrared screen. Bullshit. [00:20:34] Speaker B: Because is that like a mummy or something or a fucking zombie? Like, why are certain parts of your body cold in certain parts? Hot? That would make no sense. [00:20:42] Speaker A: Do infrared. That's how you'd be looking. You have to be able to see the blood and stuff. [00:20:46] Speaker B: You'd be red. [00:20:47] Speaker A: They're different colors. It's not always all red. It's usually those mac, he's striking out today. [00:20:53] Speaker B: There's nothing on your body that would be blue. Unless it's not fucking blood flowing. [00:20:59] Speaker A: Okay. Infrared pictures. Got to have that. All right. X ray vision head, right? [00:21:04] Speaker B: Like, come on, bro. [00:21:05] Speaker A: I'm talking about you. [00:21:06] Speaker B: I know. [00:21:09] Speaker A: Yo, Matt came in hot today. [00:21:12] Speaker B: I'm just false it's. The false information being her fucking hair is blue. Duh. Again, no blood flowing. So again, what are you telling me? [00:21:24] Speaker A: Don't do maybe they got hairy arms. Maybe they're like neanderthals. That dick is blue in that one. [00:21:28] Speaker B: Come on. [00:21:28] Speaker A: Why would you why did he show you that? Right? Why does he have that? It's a whole body scan. [00:21:32] Speaker B: Okay, but the whole body scan is red and yellow. There's no blue parts on it. [00:21:37] Speaker A: But, Mac, it's a shirt, right? It has to colors have to be something like maybe they had it like that, but they're like, you know what? That don't look as cool. [00:21:43] Speaker B: Let's make just don't try to don't try to make it make sense. [00:21:45] Speaker A: Then why do you need okay, you don't understand that I'm showing you I. [00:21:49] Speaker B: Thought it was something for the pride. I thought it was pride month. [00:21:52] Speaker A: It is. [00:21:53] Speaker B: What's it say? What's it say underneath it? Be your best who. [00:21:57] Speaker A: Yes, bitch. That's what it says. [00:22:05] Speaker B: You don't know what it says. [00:22:06] Speaker A: Money just wear stuff. Brief what? [00:22:10] Speaker B: Brief what? Brief underwear. [00:22:12] Speaker A: Brief is what? Yo, you can't read brief is life. What does that mean? Oh, brief is life. I mean, life is short. It's just a poetic way of saying life is short. [00:22:24] Speaker B: Or is that a Haitian way of. [00:22:25] Speaker A: Saying brief is life. Love is there we go long. Brief is life, but love is long. [00:22:31] Speaker B: Which makes no sense, especially with infrared. [00:22:34] Speaker A: I don't know where that your life is the longest thing you'll ever do. It's actually long. [00:22:38] Speaker B: Pretty long. [00:22:40] Speaker A: Even if you've only lived one year, that's the longest thing you've ever done. [00:22:42] Speaker B: Unless you're aborted still the longest existence. [00:22:46] Speaker A: Even while you were a sale, it was still the longest thing you've ever done. [00:22:49] Speaker B: Yeah, I guess that's true, because, I. [00:22:51] Speaker A: Mean, you've been bald how long? [00:22:53] Speaker B: Since I was 18. [00:22:55] Speaker A: So that's not 50. How old are you? 525-3151. That's not 51? [00:23:00] Speaker B: No. [00:23:01] Speaker A: Yeah. How long have you been breathing? [00:23:05] Speaker B: Since birth. [00:23:06] Speaker A: Yeah, but remember, there was a second there. The doctor had to hit you on your butt. There was a second you weren't breathing. [00:23:11] Speaker B: Oh, no, I might have came out screaming. [00:23:12] Speaker A: I don't think so. Yeah, they had to clear your vocal. [00:23:16] Speaker B: Nose to get the monochromatic, and then. [00:23:18] Speaker A: You started crying, so at first you weren't breathing really yet. You see what I'm saying? You've lived longer than you've breathed. You lived longer. That could be true, because in utero. [00:23:29] Speaker B: What do you mean, could be true? Or that's what you don't want to agree with him on. God damn, that is so, like, matter. [00:23:36] Speaker A: Of fact, in utero, you weren't breathing. [00:23:38] Speaker B: That's the one you want to be like, oh, no, he could be right on that one. Everything else you got to add fucking yaya to. [00:23:43] Speaker A: The reason why I say it could be right is because, like, he just explained right after that. He said, like in utero, when the mom's pregnant, you're technically not breathing yet. You're getting everything umbilical cord, but everything comes through umbilical. You're a fish, but you are alive. You can't breathe in water, bro, come on. Stop it. Mac. You better do something stupid again. [00:24:01] Speaker B: Wait a minute. [00:24:02] Speaker A: You're swimming in fluid. You can't breathe in that. You're breathing. Through the umbilical and you got guilt. You probably had gills. [00:24:10] Speaker B: I do, yeah, that's why I always. [00:24:12] Speaker A: Liked so you've lived longer than you breathe. That's what I'm saying. There's nothing longer that you've done than lived. So whenever you die, that's the longest thing you've ever done. [00:24:19] Speaker B: I don't get why you are agreeing. Fred he agreed because no, I'm sorry. He disagreed. [00:24:25] Speaker A: Could be, yeah. He hadn't thought it through yet. He hadn't parsed the details. [00:24:29] Speaker B: But when I asked him why could it be he used your example of being fucking in the because that was. [00:24:35] Speaker A: One thing I was thinking of. I was like, oh, yeah. Technically, when you're pregnant, you're not breathing yet. When the mom's pregnant, the baby's not breathing yet. So that's what I was thinking about. [00:24:44] Speaker B: And why he could be wrong. [00:24:45] Speaker A: No, he was working through it. At first, he wanted to disagree with your dumb ass, but then he finally started working through it and said, oh, yeah, that's right. Because the, umbilical, because of the utero. [00:24:54] Speaker B: That's a dumb ass statement anyway. [00:24:56] Speaker A: Okay. [00:24:56] Speaker B: Nobody gives a shit about what I said. Yeah, about the fucking long issue thing. [00:24:59] Speaker A: You you that's stupid. [00:25:01] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:25:02] Speaker A: That's philosophical. That's above you. That's why matter of fact no, that's not matter of fact. That's philosophical. [00:25:08] Speaker B: That's duh. [00:25:09] Speaker A: No, that's not duh. [00:25:10] Speaker B: Captain Obvious. [00:25:10] Speaker A: Most people think, like, man, I've been waiting outside forever. [00:25:13] Speaker B: No, you haven't been waiting outside forever. [00:25:16] Speaker A: I was in traffic for 2 hours. Man, that's a long time. No, that's not a long time. That's not even close to the longest thing you've ever done. You know what I'm saying? That's what most people say. [00:25:27] Speaker B: I've been trying to lose this weight forever. Maybe you have if you was a fat baby, right. Born fat. [00:25:35] Speaker A: I don't think you're trying to lose we were a baby, though. [00:25:37] Speaker B: I know what I'm saying. [00:25:38] Speaker A: Well, no babies trying to lose weight. [00:25:40] Speaker B: No. Have you noticed that the preemies end up being fat? Yeah. The skinnier you are at birth, the less you weigh, then you turn into, like, a fat baby. [00:25:50] Speaker A: Not true. [00:25:50] Speaker B: And then if you're like a big baby, like a ten pounder, you don't necessarily stay fat. [00:25:55] Speaker A: I was nine and a half pounds. [00:25:57] Speaker B: Is that a lot? [00:25:57] Speaker A: That's huge. [00:26:00] Speaker B: And she forgave you? Yeah, I'd be mad at that shit. Like, if I was a chick and you did me dirty, like, what are. [00:26:07] Speaker A: You going to do? [00:26:09] Speaker B: Yes. [00:26:10] Speaker A: Not going to send me to good schools, bro. [00:26:12] Speaker B: Listen, you see people under the stairs? [00:26:14] Speaker A: No new shoes for you, run fool. [00:26:16] Speaker B: What about that one lady in them motherfuckers that just got reported and shit? And they had autumn kids and duct taped and all that shit. They had a fucking Instagram or whatever about being a good mom or something like this. You seen that? The two white ladies that were fucking torturing kids, but they had a fucking YouTube channel or Instagram shit. Where they were fucking influencers talking about. [00:26:40] Speaker A: How to be a mother. [00:26:41] Speaker B: Right on motherhood and shit. [00:26:43] Speaker A: People are crazy, bro. [00:26:46] Speaker B: And these weren't even their real kids. These were like some adopted fucking charlie. Charlie Therons right? Well no, I think. [00:26:57] Speaker A: They were adopted. [00:26:58] Speaker B: They could be in separate houses, right? Two moms of separate houses and they just get together to fucking get together. [00:27:05] Speaker A: They got like a club. [00:27:06] Speaker B: That's exactly what's going on. [00:27:08] Speaker A: Terrible man. [00:27:09] Speaker B: But they had biological kids that dipped. [00:27:12] Speaker A: Poor kids. [00:27:12] Speaker B: And the bio kids were like, we've been trying to fucking get CPS or fucking whoever does that shit out where they were at to get involved in this. [00:27:22] Speaker A: I saw a clip. Did you all see that clip where the dad, I guess he had eleven year old daughter and there was a predator messing with her and so he tried to tell her about you can't do this or whatever. He decided to call the police to get them to come so they could kind of tell her. How sad. I didn't watch that video but I saw it. [00:27:39] Speaker B: Is that the one with the girl? The lady who's trying to tell her daughter that somebody touched her? [00:27:44] Speaker A: All you see in the clip is the dad and the two cops. Two cops ring the ring doorbell and you see the recording on the ring doorbell. So his idea was to call the cops and have them explain to her the severity of her talking to people online and not knowing who they are. [00:27:59] Speaker B: Also scared straight shit, right? [00:28:00] Speaker A: But the cops get there. He called at six, the cops pull up at midnight and ring the ring doorbell. And he's like, well yeah, she's already sleep now. He's like, yeah, but is there still a problem? He's like, yeah, there's still the issue still happening. [00:28:12] Speaker B: He's like, well she's still on the internet. [00:28:14] Speaker A: I just wanted you guys to talk to her and let her understand the weight of everything. They was like, well actually we were going to talked to her about arresting her for child pornography. And he's like, wait a minute, she's eleven, I understand, but does she send pornography? Pornography on a phone or whatever? And he's like, no, she was manipulated by a grown man. That doesn't matter, we can talk to her. We're talking about maybe putting charges on her or whatever. So he's like, no thank you, just go, leave her, go away. Right? So he closed the door, the cops turn around and go off. How do you feel about that? Was the cops fucking with him? No. Did the daughter really send those pictures? [00:28:49] Speaker B: How would they know? [00:28:49] Speaker A: Well that's because when he called he said that she sent some pictures to a predator and it's not a kid, it's an adult and he's manipulating her. So he wanted the cops to come. So why would the kid go in jail, not the predator? Because well no, they're not at the predator's house. They're at the kid's house. Oh, yeah. [00:29:05] Speaker B: No, I'm like, let's do this all the way there, because if we can do a scare straight shit, that's what. [00:29:09] Speaker A: My everybody in the comments was like. Yo, police ain't shit. That's some bullshit. I'm thinking to myself, there's no better way to scare a kid than to say, this isn't about this predator. It's about your dumb ass. You send a naked picture, send another one is illegal, right? [00:29:23] Speaker B: Because you're a kid. [00:29:24] Speaker A: Trust me. You'll get the message, man. [00:29:26] Speaker B: Listen, I would have been like, I'll go wake her up. Hold on 1 second. [00:29:29] Speaker A: I wouldn't even give her real cuffs. I'll give her zip tie shit to make them real tight. [00:29:33] Speaker B: And then I want you all to come in and wake her up with the light. Yeah, get your mag light and flash it in her face so when she wakes up, that shit is just brightest. [00:29:40] Speaker A: I'll put her cell phone in a little baggie and put her name on it and put that in my little pouch, my police pouch. I'll ask her, are there any other things in here that we need, any other evidence, or do we need to flip your room? We'll flip your room if we have to. Just give us what we need. That way we won't have to destroy your room. [00:29:54] Speaker B: Put her in the backseat in the back. She got to get in the backseat. [00:29:57] Speaker A: She going to the tank, bro. [00:29:58] Speaker B: Oh, you're going to take her all the way? I think she depending on how she reacts to the backseat. Like, if I feel like we she starts like, bawling. I'll never do it again. Daddy, don't let them take me. [00:30:08] Speaker A: Now she going we can at least. [00:30:10] Speaker B: Be in the block, though, right? [00:30:12] Speaker A: She might think that all she got to do is cry. Next time I need to experience it. Yeah, I'm going to turn the lights on and everything. I'll make it seem like it's the biggest dramatic thing in the world. People in the comments, though, were tripping. It was like, yo, cops ain't shit. These mufflers ain't got nothing better to do than to charge a little girl. And this was a white family. [00:30:31] Speaker B: Fuck that. [00:30:32] Speaker A: Yeah, that's what I'm saying, bro. Don't call the police. Don't call 911 if you don't have an emergency. First of all, that's 1st, 2nd motherfuckers. [00:30:39] Speaker B: Be waiting already, man. [00:30:40] Speaker A: Yeah. Second, for your dumb second, no, just think about the time you tried to call and waited 710 minutes and then hung up. [00:30:46] Speaker B: It wasn't 911, though. [00:30:47] Speaker A: Okay? [00:30:47] Speaker B: Yeah. What's the white version of a male Karen? What is that? What do we call it? [00:30:51] Speaker A: Kevin, I think. [00:30:51] Speaker B: Is it a kevin? [00:30:52] Speaker A: I don't know. That's stupid. [00:30:53] Speaker B: Yeah, I don't like that. [00:30:55] Speaker A: I know too many Kevin's. [00:30:56] Speaker B: Yeah, I didn't like that one. It just doesn't hit like a Karen does. Karen? [00:30:59] Speaker A: It couldn't be like Kieran because that's a black name, probably. [00:31:02] Speaker B: Yeah. It is because there's a football player and his name is Kieran. [00:31:05] Speaker A: And what do you do if you're black and your name is Karen? That sucks, right? [00:31:09] Speaker B: You probably go by something like KK. Something like. [00:31:14] Speaker A: Yeah. So me and you agree, mac, what do you think? Because I'm like, yo, the police were about to do the right thing on some Beyond Scarce straight shit. Yeah, I'm down. Yeah, arrest her on some beyond scarce. What about on you? I'm not talking beyond straight. [00:31:26] Speaker B: So you called the police, right? Your daughter? [00:31:29] Speaker A: You see, I would never call the police. Well, no, I'm not asking you about you. I'm saying, looking at this situation, would you have sided with the people who are saying the police ain't shit because they're about to arrest this little girl for some dumb shit? [00:31:40] Speaker B: Or were you like, what me and Mac are saying? [00:31:42] Speaker A: Which is like, completely opposite, like, no, you call the police. We're going to really teach her. You want to teach her? Let's teach her. Because here's the life lesson that everybody, including the people who are listening to the show, can learn. You can never change anybody else, but you can always change you. So in that situation, that little girl sending naked pictures to anybody bruh is illegal. [00:32:03] Speaker B: We need to have child pornography. And listen, if me as a parent, I don't have enough within me to get her to stop, right? Like, I don't have the parenting tools or fucking whatever. And she's like, I'm going to do that shit anyway. It's my body. You can't tell me. Let me get the popo. The law changes people's attitude. Quick, fast in a fucking hurry. You think you want it until you get the cuffs on you? Are you sitting in the fucking I. [00:32:30] Speaker A: Need her in a tank with all the other women. What's your name? [00:32:34] Speaker B: No, because she ain't going to send her to juvenile hall. But some of them Jubies be raw, though. They be in there like, Bitch, what? Yeah. [00:32:42] Speaker A: Did you touch my bag? I'm not even on your side of the cell. [00:32:45] Speaker B: Wait a minute. You got a dad, right? I'm about to fuck you up just. [00:32:48] Speaker A: Because you got a dad. [00:32:49] Speaker B: Just because you got a dad. [00:32:50] Speaker A: How dare you get arrested for nothing, right? [00:32:52] Speaker B: You in here for arguing with your dad. I wish I could. I'm about to beat your ass for fucking disrespecting your dad. [00:32:58] Speaker A: That shit is really true. [00:33:00] Speaker B: No dead ass. There's some juvenile halls that are like, yo, you don't want to go to this one, right? They in there doing some shit. [00:33:10] Speaker A: Isn't that crazy about that? So, like, the situation you're thinking of these hardened, quote unquote hardened criminals. I know I'm saying that sparingly. But they care about stuff like child rape, and they care about people who are wasting their people. They care a lot about people who shouldn't be there. Yes. Like if you come in and you're not supposed to be there. They treat you differently. [00:33:29] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:33:29] Speaker A: Because they're like, yo, you're not supposed to be here, you idiot. So one or two things happen depending on your attitude. [00:33:33] Speaker B: You got privilege and you still brought your ass up in here. [00:33:35] Speaker A: Depending on your attitude. They either leave you alone and try to help you or they fuck you up. And it just depends on how loud you are when you get there. [00:33:42] Speaker B: It's funny you said that because one of the things and of course, let. [00:33:44] Speaker A: Me say, I don't know anything about do. [00:33:47] Speaker B: I do okay. I have a friend. [00:33:49] Speaker A: That's what I'm saying. I got friends. That's who I know. But I've never been in there and done both things to see how I got fucked up. [00:33:55] Speaker B: So in the school that I'm going to, they talk about if you were at fault in an accident that you could potentially do time, right? Like there's a dude that was in Cartersville and he didn't put the fucking brakes on his truck and it rode down the hill and it fucking killed like a mom and two kids, right? [00:34:17] Speaker A: Yeah, but that makes sense. [00:34:19] Speaker B: No, but again, so they gave his full life. [00:34:23] Speaker A: Damn. [00:34:24] Speaker B: There. They wanted to give him double life. Right. But the thing about it is, that's one of them things, because when you roll up and they'd be like, what you in here for? I put my parking brakes on, that's not going to get it. [00:34:37] Speaker A: I'd be like, double murder? Yeah. [00:34:40] Speaker B: I would keep kill the whole family. Kill the whole family. It better be something like that. You weren't paying attention and I didn't even cry. [00:34:48] Speaker A: I thought they say that it's disrespect to ask somebody what you in for. That's what they always say. You think they're not going to ask you why you're there, French? You think you're going to get by without being able to? You think you're going to get through a week without having to tell somebody? They will ask me. [00:35:03] Speaker B: Most of the time they have information via the guards. Right. They know your jacket is what they call it before you get in there, right? Like, what are you in here for? Sometimes you can look at a person and be like, oh, yeah, you touch little kids like the motherfucking what's his name? He's fucking who did the Falcons play? [00:35:27] Speaker A: Green Bay. [00:35:28] Speaker B: The Green Bay head coach. Looks like he touches kids at some point. [00:35:32] Speaker A: LaFleur? [00:35:34] Speaker B: I thought it was Mike. [00:35:35] Speaker A: Mike LaFleur. [00:35:36] Speaker B: Is it LaFleur? [00:35:37] Speaker A: Yeah, it's okay, man. Catch up. [00:35:40] Speaker B: No, no, who's the okay, the Raiders. [00:35:42] Speaker A: One is Mark Davis is the no. [00:35:46] Speaker B: He definitely looks like it. [00:35:48] Speaker A: Yeah, he does. Yeah, with the haircut. The haircut. [00:35:51] Speaker B: It's the the it was the dude who used to play for Raiders coaches. [00:35:56] Speaker A: Used to be the old Patriots office corner, right? [00:35:59] Speaker B: And they have the same name. They have a very similar name, except for this dude's. Name is Mike instead of Bucket, instead of whatever the Raiders coach's name is donnie Lonnie. [00:36:11] Speaker A: Raul. [00:36:13] Speaker B: Here he goes. [00:36:14] Speaker A: It's not Raul Bruno. [00:36:16] Speaker B: So it's Mike McDaniels. I don't know who that's the Dolphins coach. Okay. The Dolphins coach. [00:36:21] Speaker A: He's a young dude, and he looks. [00:36:22] Speaker B: Like he touches even younger. [00:36:25] Speaker A: Like, he looked like he wear pastels all the time, man. [00:36:28] Speaker B: Have you seen his head? He looked like that head says seriously? Yeah. [00:36:33] Speaker A: The Miami Dolphins. Young coach. [00:36:35] Speaker B: Yeah. His head is super large at the yeah. And small at the bottom. So either he's an evil genius right, of some sort, big brain, like a mad scientist, or he's into some weird shit. [00:36:47] Speaker A: I don't know about that one. That's a weird now you say I talk about shit I don't know about. That was a stretch. [00:36:52] Speaker B: I don't know, man. I saw him do an interview yesterday, and I was like, yeah. You wouldn't let him date no one in your family? [00:37:00] Speaker A: Well, I mean, I wouldn't let you date because I mean, what do you do? What your porno choice is girls in school clothes. [00:37:06] Speaker B: Not all of them. [00:37:07] Speaker A: So hold up. You wouldn't because if that's his porno choice, you think it'll be a bad dating? I would never leave my kids around, Mac, especially in uniform. [00:37:20] Speaker B: Years. [00:37:22] Speaker A: I come back, this nigga be sweating and shit. I'm glad you're back, bro. Fuck out of here. [00:37:31] Speaker B: The fuck out of here. Because, again, every single one of them chicks in fucking school outfit again. [00:37:38] Speaker A: You seen their driver's license. [00:37:40] Speaker B: They're women. They're not even fucking on the cuff. [00:37:42] Speaker A: You've seen their driver's license. I know a lot of old ass fake women. [00:37:45] Speaker B: So in Halloween, the chick that fucking dresses up like a demon or a devil. That means you want to fuck devils and shit. Yeah. No, it does not. [00:37:54] Speaker A: Yeah. This isn't Halloween, bro. [00:37:56] Speaker B: It is. There's a Halloween there's a costume. [00:37:57] Speaker A: This is Monday through Friday going, it's a costume. [00:38:00] Speaker B: No, I'm not trolling Catholic schools. [00:38:04] Speaker A: No, see, that's what I'm saying. That's very weird. Why would you choose that? When is the last time you saw a demon walking around? Never. So when's the last time you saw a school kid in uniform walking around? [00:38:13] Speaker B: Every fucking day? No, I don't see every week. I don't know where you be. I don't see them. I don't have any of those type of schools. [00:38:21] Speaker A: When you went to publix earlier, somebody was getting out of school and had a uniform on. [00:38:24] Speaker B: No, man, you are tripping, bro. No, you're tripping because the uniforms you're talking about are fucking, like, khakis and a fucking blue shirt. [00:38:32] Speaker A: You're fetish. [00:38:33] Speaker B: So that's like a fucking Ups driver. [00:38:36] Speaker A: Your fetish is somebody in some regular shit that you see every day. I'm saying, yeah, I'd rather do the demon. I'd rather have sex with a demon. Because at least that's fantasy. [00:38:45] Speaker B: Nah, it's all fantasy goober. [00:38:47] Speaker A: Well, then, yes, I'm a goober. [00:38:48] Speaker B: Yes, you are. If you fucking think that so gay porn is cool. No, I don't know, Reggie. [00:38:54] Speaker A: Why are you asking me? He asked you. [00:38:56] Speaker B: I mean, because you've watched it. [00:38:57] Speaker A: Yeah, it was trans. [00:39:00] Speaker B: Nah, bro. [00:39:03] Speaker A: We don't conjugate the gay, bro. [00:39:06] Speaker B: And you said you were doing research. Took you down some holes. [00:39:10] Speaker A: We don't conjugate the gay. [00:39:11] Speaker B: Right. [00:39:12] Speaker A: It's just one kind you know what I'm saying? [00:39:15] Speaker B: If those people with dicks got arrested, where are they going? [00:39:18] Speaker A: Oh, I don't know. Now you never know. [00:39:22] Speaker B: They don't put pregnant they're not putting no dicks in women prison. [00:39:26] Speaker A: Look it up. There has been an inmate. They got pregnant because a trans person was put into the women's prison. I think it was California. [00:39:32] Speaker B: They probably blamed it on the trans person. [00:39:34] Speaker A: Women getting assaulted by the trans person too in the prison? [00:39:38] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:39:39] Speaker A: But I know somebody got pregnant. [00:39:40] Speaker B: Yeah, man. I need to look at this up because that just sounds very fictitious. [00:39:46] Speaker A: It's not, though. It's real. [00:39:47] Speaker B: Yeah, look it up on your little smartphone. My service is bad here. And it goes a, it takes a little while to load. [00:39:56] Speaker A: Pretty interesting. Pretty trans inmate to move to woman's prison after setting lawsuit against Minnesota. [00:40:04] Speaker B: Minnesota? [00:40:06] Speaker A: What is that? Here you go. Now that makes it not valid. [00:40:09] Speaker B: I don't believe it, though. [00:40:10] Speaker A: Is it one of the contiguous give. [00:40:11] Speaker B: Me some more deets, man. Besides a headline, first off, source it NPR. [00:40:15] Speaker A: Is it one of the contiguous 50 or 48 states? [00:40:18] Speaker B: Yes, it's a city, but yes, I. [00:40:20] Speaker A: Think Minnesota is a city. [00:40:22] Speaker B: I thought it was Minneapolis. [00:40:23] Speaker A: He said he said Minnesota. Minnesota. Okay. Big brain. Dusk. A transgender woman who sued the Minnesota Department of Corrections over her treatment while in prison. She has reached a settlement that includes a move to the state's woman's only shacklepee prison and access the gender affirming health care. [00:40:42] Speaker B: So wait a minute. She got a dick or not? Just because she's transgender don't mean she still got a that's a dude. That's a hell of a dude. [00:40:53] Speaker A: I'm going to give you some advice. [00:40:54] Speaker B: That's a dude dude, man. That's a big dude. That's fucked up, man. [00:40:59] Speaker A: You could do that. [00:41:00] Speaker B: So wait a minute. So niggas can just get arrested and be like, sure, no, I'm a woman in fucking Minnesota. So again, if you're soft and you don't want to get fucked up in a regular state penitentiary, if you're soft. [00:41:15] Speaker A: A woman might be able to fuck you up, though. [00:41:16] Speaker B: This mother. [00:41:17] Speaker A: This is not just in United States. This is happening in Europe as well. The public has been shocked to learn that since 2016, male prisoners in the UK have been allowed to actually be transferred to a woman's prison. All they need to do is self identify as a woman. [00:41:30] Speaker B: Come on, man. [00:41:31] Speaker A: Legal or medical transition is now required. [00:41:34] Speaker B: What? [00:41:34] Speaker A: Permission to transfer. Meaning that legally, male prisoners, complete with a penis, are currently living alongside women in prison. [00:41:40] Speaker B: Let me have to go to jail. [00:41:42] Speaker A: What you going to do? [00:41:43] Speaker B: I'm a woman. What do you think I'm going to do? As soon as they arrest me? Yes. Stop. You fucked up my fucking nails. Whatever you do to be act like a woman. Do I even have to do anything besides say that I'm a woman? [00:41:54] Speaker A: Yeah, you can still because women don't have nails. All people have nails. [00:42:00] Speaker B: You think this shit is going somewhere that seems like this wave is about to turn into a tidal wave? [00:42:09] Speaker A: That's the one Beyonce was talking about. The transgender woman who impregnated two women in the prison in New Jersey. [00:42:17] Speaker B: Don't you automatically isn't that like a do not pass go? You got to go straight to a nigga jail. [00:42:22] Speaker A: Isn't that like once you get somebody pregnant? Yes. How'd you get the second one pregnant? Bro, they put that transgender person now in an all male prison after they have to. [00:42:33] Speaker B: Bro, that voids all your fucking pass here. [00:42:37] Speaker A: Getting a woman pregnant in prison and you're pretending to be a woman is stupid. No, it's the same as backing into a spot. That's pimp shit. That's pimp shit, bro. That is not you getting a girl pregnant in prison. [00:42:50] Speaker B: But now you back listen and you talk about catching heat. What you back in here for? Oh, because I was at a girl's prison slanging dick. Like what? [00:43:00] Speaker A: Bro, I am backing in. [00:43:01] Speaker B: I've been having a listeners can't see. [00:43:03] Speaker A: Me right now, but I got my hand up and I'm spinning around like I'm on the stairwell. [00:43:06] Speaker B: I've been fucking Tyrone. And you got real pussy. That's right. We about to have a problem. [00:43:11] Speaker A: The problem is, though, is that why would you have you need to get a vasectomy before you go in. Like, when I knew I was going to prison, I would have got a vasectomy. So I can never get anybody pregnant. They would never find out, bro, your. [00:43:20] Speaker B: Pull out game just could be a little bit better. [00:43:22] Speaker A: They would never find out. [00:43:24] Speaker B: You just got to do better on that pull out game. [00:43:27] Speaker A: Still hit the booty hole something, right? [00:43:29] Speaker B: Come on, man. Just get a lot ahead. But the risking getting deported is a fucking that just seems dumb to me. Like, you made it, my nigga. You've tricked the system. You're around bitches. I mean, you could just rub titties. You could dry hump anything. You could dry hump your cellmate all fucking day and fucking have it better. [00:43:56] Speaker A: Than a niggas be around women. But no, hold on now. Hold on. I see the negatives here. Negative? [00:44:03] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:44:04] Speaker A: Bro, could you imagine being a line. [00:44:07] Speaker B: To give me head? Yes. I could be like, oh, there's a motherfucker head down and sell Black Sea with a hard dick. Girls. It's a real one, too. [00:44:15] Speaker A: That's not the line you'd be mad about. You'd be mad about the line of people that women that just want to talk to a guy. [00:44:20] Speaker B: You're like, oh, no. [00:44:24] Speaker A: You're like, no, I don't want to hear about your day. I want to hear about your kid. Like, dude, if you're locked in a. [00:44:29] Speaker B: Prison cell with a woman, I'm just like you, girl, I don't want to hear that shit. I don't want to hear that shit. [00:44:34] Speaker A: That's the end of life. [00:44:35] Speaker B: You know how you could stop talking? Suck this dick. [00:44:38] Speaker A: I bet you will never commit a crime again after being in five years, having to listen to being forced to listen to a woman 24 hours a day. Five years. [00:44:46] Speaker B: No, man, you just figure out ways to keep them quiet. Suck this dick. See, I'm always come back to this. [00:44:52] Speaker A: It's like a cork. [00:44:58] Speaker B: But, you know, my day was tell me all about it. [00:45:02] Speaker A: What do they call it? A binky. [00:45:04] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. But you know what that motherfucker tell me? Keep talking. I mean, that's it. And I think again, once word gets out on the yard that you got fucking hard dick for sale, like, shit, your commissary about to be on point. Like, listen, envelopes, candy bars, all that shit. Whatever you need, man. Come on, man. I can't believe that person fucked it up, like for some two fucking bastard ass kids. Come on, man. You're never going to see get the fuck out of here, man. [00:45:38] Speaker A: Yeah, you got to pull out again. [00:45:40] Speaker B: I'm not saying that pussy, I mean, head is as good as pussy, but I guarantee that there's enough head givers in there that could get real close. And you ain't had no pussy in a while. You don't care if you pussy starved. Head will do fucking some good. Head pour regular, right? And I could rub titties, right? I could rub titties while I'm doing it, too. Come on, man. [00:46:06] Speaker A: What's the prison shower system like, though? [00:46:09] Speaker B: I'm coming in like that. Like that. Pimp meme where that nigga just like, I'm coming butt naked, girl. Yes. No. Fuck no. Yes, maybe all day, bro. But again, nothing that's going to get me booted. [00:46:31] Speaker A: Never. [00:46:31] Speaker B: Nothing. [00:46:32] Speaker A: No, I wouldn't fight. I wouldn't do any of that. [00:46:33] Speaker B: Where are the English bitches that like it in the ass? Come on. [00:46:36] Speaker A: That's not a thing, is it? It is only to English women. [00:46:40] Speaker B: England, I don't know only to English women, but I know that's a thing that they don't mind doing more. Like, it's like I thought it was Mexicans. [00:46:48] Speaker A: Well, I've never heard that. [00:46:50] Speaker B: Yeah, that's a new one. [00:46:51] Speaker A: I've heard of some Europeans. Not British, though. But where did you mexicans? Because Catholics, they don't want to fuck. So they won't let you fucking the pussy. But they'll do anal. It's like a Catholic thing. Are we talking about kids again? What grown ass woman you ever heard say something like that? That is not a real thing unless. [00:47:13] Speaker B: She has herpes right? Like, is she just like, okay, I can't do. Don't look at my pussy. Let me just bend over. That's it. [00:47:20] Speaker A: Well, I got, like, a crunch bar. Yeah, that's weird. French. I never heard that one, man. Mexicans. I mean, it was something the fact that you say kids it was when I was growing up, it was happening. It was like when I was younger and it was going up. It was like the Mexican some Mexican girls, I'm not going to say all of them, I guess because of that Catholic religion, they didn't want to have sex because of pregnancy and shit like that. But they'll suck dick and do anal. Yeah. And how often did you do this? The Mexican chick I messed with in high school, I fucked. I wear a condom. How did that work out, though? Because you got to have three times so did she know that was just the Korean did she know about the three time rule? I didn't eat no ass. No, but oh, that was just for eating it. Yeah. The three time rules, the eat it's just eating. Yeah. Okay, so after three times, though, you're definitely willing to eat it. Yeah. Especially if I had multiple sessions in those three times. I don't believe in all that. So you're telling me you don't do multiple sessions. I know now you're older, but you're telling me when you was young, you had a young a girl come for the week. Like she comes Friday night, 08:00 p.m.. Yeah. You're saying Friday night is one time. No, I'm saying Friday night is one time. But she comes at eight. Maybe you all watch a movie, you all really start fucking around eleven. But you all get done at three. It's not like you fuck straight from 11:00 P.m. To 03:00 A.m.. But let's say you fuck eleven. Yeah, but take a friday is not one time. That's multiple times. Still in Friday. There's still multiple times. Again, when I say three times is the three different appointments to fuck. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, the three different that doesn't make any sense. It doesn't. That's okay, though. [00:48:53] Speaker B: Still doesn't make any sense. You want to take the shot? [00:48:56] Speaker A: Sure. I wanted to chase it, but yeah, chase it with that moonshine. That's like if you get shot, does it hurt? Like yeah. Then you break their finger and it's like this nigga had a chaser. Yeah, shotgun. That chaser. [00:49:15] Speaker B: I came prepared. [00:49:16] Speaker A: Shotgun. That chaser to him. [00:49:18] Speaker B: That's not how that shotgun is not what you think it is. Yeah, that's where you poke no, okay. It is. What he's talking about then? [00:49:26] Speaker A: That's what he was talking about. [00:49:28] Speaker B: Shotgunning on a can is not shotgun on the can when you poke a hole in it and then on the side, and then you pop the lid and you just crack. [00:49:37] Speaker A: No, that's for beer drinkers and fat boys. It's called shotgunning now. So much you put it in your mouth. [00:49:43] Speaker B: No, that's called snowballing. That's what that's called? That's called snowballing, which is not going to have beer, bro. [00:49:50] Speaker A: What if you didn't touch his mouth? You just hung over him no. And you let it open and let it drop in his mouth? [00:49:55] Speaker B: The aesthetics. Fuck aesthetics. [00:49:57] Speaker A: So what about those dudes that do, like, the fraternity thing where they have they crack an egg and put in their mouth gay. And then they have to kiss the other dude and put the egg in their mouth gays? [00:50:05] Speaker B: Yeah. No, they weren't even kissing. They were over there dropping it. [00:50:10] Speaker A: How bad do you want to be? [00:50:12] Speaker B: Not that bad. [00:50:13] Speaker A: Not that bad. I could never do frats. How are there so many of them? That's why I knew I couldn't never do that shit. And you know what's funny? Most of them are saying right now, I ain't never had to do no shit like that. Yeah, right. [00:50:22] Speaker B: Nigga, somebody on that video? [00:50:24] Speaker A: Was somebody spanked on your butt or something? [00:50:26] Speaker B: Listen, bro, there's some gay shit going on when you replace, I feel like. [00:50:30] Speaker A: You have to do some gay shit. [00:50:33] Speaker B: It's like when you get in touch with yourself, it's like where you expose that side of your diddy rule. Yeah, I didn't know I liked fucking gay shit until that fucking egg hitting back in my throat. And I was like, first of all, that's so bad. [00:50:47] Speaker A: First of all, a raw egg in your mouth is disgusting. [00:50:50] Speaker B: First of all, bro, forget when it's. [00:50:52] Speaker A: Combined with everybody before you spit and the fact you got to touch a dude's mouth to get it. [00:50:57] Speaker B: I want to know what about the elephant thing? Right? What the fucking elephant train? What's that where you guys form a line in one finger and then dude in front of you's butt. [00:51:07] Speaker A: Never heard that. I've never heard that. That's rape now. That's rape. [00:51:12] Speaker B: You've signed up for this. [00:51:13] Speaker A: That's not a fraternity thing. Because this is my thing. I know they said they stopped doing these things now, but why they even started doing these things in the first place back then? [00:51:23] Speaker B: It's like when you make a significant other, like when you're dating them or whatever, jump through hoops just to see how much they love you or something. [00:51:31] Speaker A: But the money I'm paying you, that's the thing I never understood. I'm already paying I'm giving you thousands of dollars. That's my commitment, my nigga. Okay, so look here's, okay? And I know that we have at least one. We got a noop, right? And that listens to the show. Or used to. Yeah, he was in the slack, so I'm not sure. And I believe that's what they're called. Isn't that what they're called that fraternity? They call each other NoOps or something. Yeah, I've heard of that. Anyway, I know he's like, no, we had to do all that. I get it. But everybody else that I see, they'd be having some weird things. First of all, you have to have a couple of your bank account first, because you got to buy pizzas and whatever whenever you got to pay them. You got to do your dues and all that stuff. And I'm talking about just while you're on the line. [00:52:13] Speaker B: Okay, my bad. It's called the Elephant Walk. And you hold a dick, bro. [00:52:20] Speaker A: You see, that's disrespect already. Like, I'm fighting. That's the reason why I know I wouldn't be able to do that shit. I would have fight these niggas every day, because what an elephant does is their tail in the trunk. They'll connect tail and trunk and walk in a line. So I'm guessing that they put one hand back and grab a dick and the person grabbing their dick. [00:52:38] Speaker B: Yeah, it is. [00:52:42] Speaker A: That's a fight. Was that right, though? [00:52:44] Speaker B: Yeah. So it says that the hazing practice usually requires members to walk naked in a single line while holding the gentle tools of the person behind them. [00:52:53] Speaker A: Yeah. So this is the thing, though. Once you experience that shit with another nigga in college age, that nigga got to be your bro for life, because you all got to keep that shit together. You all remember the episode of Insecure when the dude admitted to the gay shit one time in college, he had sex, and she's like, I can't date him no more? Yeah. That's why I believe niggas are homophobic. I believe the reason why men are homophobic not like what? Not saying that men are homophobic, but I'm just saying the reason why this narrative is out there is because women don't like to see that shit. Oh, it's not because gay dudes are nasty? What? What did he say? [00:53:30] Speaker B: I'm saying what's his me please make it make sense. [00:53:33] Speaker A: The narrative out there is people say that men, heterosexual men are homophobic. That's the narrative. It's not true. But that's the narrative out there. And I'm saying the reason why it may appear that heterosexual men are homophobic is because women do not want to see their men in any way, shape, or form look gay or do something gay. That's why we have the word pause or no homo or all these things. It's because women will like pussy dry up. Not because we have a problem with it as men. [00:54:02] Speaker B: No. Yes, we do. What are you talking about? Who are you speaking for? [00:54:06] Speaker A: I'm just saying from my observation I'm speaking from my observation. From my observation, I don't think most dudes don't give a fuck a niggas gay. Okay? He's niggas gay. [00:54:14] Speaker B: No, we're not talking about being gay. We're talking about the fucking holding another dude's dick. [00:54:19] Speaker A: You say you don't going down for I'm saying that you're going too far into it. I'm talking about the reason why people look at like they say men are homophobic. He's talking about the stigma. [00:54:32] Speaker B: The stigma that you don't want to hold other people's. [00:54:35] Speaker A: Not talking about just gay in general. The reason why we say pause. The reason why you won't wear short shorts. The reason why hold on a second, French. I got you. So what are you saying, Mac, is that there's the stigma attached to homosexuality that's being perpetuated by women, and that's forcing guys to be opposite or overly homophobic. Hold on. Because normal circumstances, they wouldn't even give a shit. They would just ignore it. But because women put such a stigma on it and they perpetuate that stigma, it requires men to outwardly say, oh, that's gay. Oh, that's whatever. And now they look homophobic when in most cases, they wouldn't say anything about it. But women make us do that. So you won't wear the short shorts, not because it's short shorts. [00:55:22] Speaker B: Because you go, no, because I don't want girls, I don't want view. [00:55:25] Speaker A: You would look at you. If you wear those short shorts, you won't have a gay friend even though you all share common things and other things, but you won't go hang out with him at the bar because you don't want a girl whose bar a regular bar. Would you go on a long road trip with him? [00:55:40] Speaker B: So again, if I had a gay friend, I would take him out to a normal bar with the fuck. [00:55:47] Speaker A: You don't have any gay friends besides, new challenge. Fuck you. That's our new challenge. You got to get at least one gay friend this year. [00:55:58] Speaker B: Does he have to come out of the closet? Can I count smooth. [00:56:03] Speaker A: No, there's got to be somebody who openly has accepted their homosexuality. Can I share Reggie's friends? No, he don't even hang with them. His girl ain't going to allow that. He don't live in the state no more. His mom ain't going to allow that. [00:56:17] Speaker B: How much time can you spend together alone with your gay friend before it starts to be all the time? All the time? [00:56:25] Speaker A: What kind of nigger are you? [00:56:26] Speaker B: No, not all the time. Not all the time. It cannot be all the time. This can't be the only dude that you go camping with. Brokeback Mountain. This cannot be the only dude that you go out with. [00:56:40] Speaker A: I'm going skating, man. You want to go? [00:56:43] Speaker B: No, it's just me and Jerome. Sorry, man. No, there has to be a number. [00:56:49] Speaker A: You're so homophobic. [00:56:50] Speaker B: No, I'm just saying you need to. [00:56:54] Speaker A: Get you a gay friend. [00:56:55] Speaker B: No context clues. Fuck that. [00:56:57] Speaker A: Yeah, context clues. [00:57:00] Speaker B: Listen, if I had a gay friend, that's fine, because you would realize they. [00:57:04] Speaker A: Don'T give a fuck. Really? [00:57:05] Speaker B: About you. [00:57:06] Speaker A: Hold up. Now, see, we're not going to do that either. We're not going to pretend like when you're with a woman, you never thought. [00:57:13] Speaker B: About sex with her as your friend. Right? [00:57:18] Speaker A: I'm not saying. [00:57:20] Speaker B: They don't care about. [00:57:22] Speaker A: At the end of the day, if he's your friend. French, do you think that does your girl have guy friends? She haven't hung out with them. Does she have guy does she have gay guy friends? Does she have guy friends that are heterosexual? Not really. Does she ever had guy friends that are heterosexual? Yeah. Do you think that she's ever imagined sex with them? I'm sure she probably did. [00:57:42] Speaker B: And vice versa. [00:57:43] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:57:44] Speaker B: Okay. Don't do that about gay people giving them a pass that you don't have. [00:57:48] Speaker A: I'm willing to go a step further and say that she definitely has every single one of them, not because she's out there trying to be for the streets, but just because that's natural for a human to do. Like, you size things up. Right. For sure. You're telling me that your gay friends aren't going to size up dudes that they're around, friend or not? I'm not saying that you said they have. [00:58:07] Speaker B: No, but at the end of the. [00:58:09] Speaker A: Day, if he's really your gay friend. [00:58:11] Speaker B: He'S just not going to come for you. [00:58:12] Speaker A: So you're talking friends with and I didn't say try. [00:58:15] Speaker B: Right. [00:58:15] Speaker A: That's what I'm saying. I didn't say try because the guy friend try the guy friend with the girl scenario. Some guy friends do try. I'm talking about the ones that don't. What I'm talking about is every single guy friend that your girl has ever had has considered having sex with her. For sure. Okay. That being said, you can't tell me that a gay guy who is attracted to dudes that got what I got has not sized that up some kind of way at some point, whether or not they acted on it, whether or not they spoke out and said, hey, here's a roofie. We've been doing too much skating recently. I don't want to skate again without telling you about this. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I wasn't trying to imply all that. [00:58:56] Speaker B: Well, no, but no, that's exactly what you said. [00:58:58] Speaker A: That's some bullshit that homosexual people say all the time. You think I want you? Yes, nigga, you like dick. Of course you want me. I got a dick. Of course you're an asshole for lying right. Now, saying you've never thought about makes. [00:59:09] Speaker B: Me even wonder more. Like, again, why can't you be honest friend? [00:59:12] Speaker A: Well, you know why you can be honest? Because you wouldn't go on a long road trip. [00:59:15] Speaker B: But we wasn't doing that mean, not without a third. [00:59:20] Speaker A: If they had told French that they were grooming him on the trip, he wouldn't have gone. But they did make him a lot more open to what he is now. [00:59:30] Speaker B: Right. [00:59:30] Speaker A: So now that's why he can be the way that he is now. They groomed him a little bit, yeah. Is it impossible not to? [00:59:34] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:59:35] Speaker A: Imagine what they were talking about on that ride. What were you all talking about? [00:59:38] Speaker B: Oh, boy. [00:59:39] Speaker A: To be honest with you, it was more of them struggling with being gay. I get it. But what were y'all talking about, though? Like, give me some of the talking points to how it started. Our conversation when y'all are in the car and, you know, y'all let's role play. Okay, so the music's on, you know what I'm saying? But we get tired of that playlist because we've been listening to that playlist for a long time. And maybe there's an ad comes on YouTube or something. I love this song, right? They're like, oh, girl, I love this song. And then French don't you love this song? Like, well, you know what? Hetero dudes don't really like this song, right? So that's how it starts. [01:00:10] Speaker B: Wait a minute. [01:00:11] Speaker A: And then French like, no, I like this song. I like it a lot. Like oh, you do? Wait a minute. [01:00:16] Speaker B: Salt and pepper. Come on. Talk about I'll take your man. [01:00:23] Speaker A: We took the trip in the first place. Hey, look, so there's a dude in the backseat. He's like he's had a stretch and he put his hands up and he put his arm down behind French on the back of the seat. It was never like that. And then how did it go? Tell me how it went. First of all, the conversation didn't happen on the run. It was when it was at the beach. [01:00:47] Speaker B: What were you guys wearing? [01:00:48] Speaker A: Did you say bitch or beach? Beach. [01:00:50] Speaker B: Okay, so who put lotion on? Who? [01:00:51] Speaker A: Nobody put no lotion. How you quiet for 4 hours? We wasn't quiet. We was just regular talk. [01:00:57] Speaker B: So wait a minute, you all don't give a fuck about fucking sunburns and skin cancer? [01:01:01] Speaker A: We're black. [01:01:02] Speaker B: What the fuck does that mean? Do you think that black people are immune? I'm just saying are immune to being sunburned and skin cancer? [01:01:09] Speaker A: Well, they kind of are immune to that, but it's very hard to burn a dark skinned person. [01:01:13] Speaker B: Okay, maybe dark skin. I don't know. I mean, so French reggie's cool. [01:01:17] Speaker A: He's got natural suntan lotion. [01:01:18] Speaker B: His boy needed some probably lotion on his back. [01:01:21] Speaker A: That dude who came here was pretty friend. My other friend, just as dark as what's his name? Philip? [01:01:26] Speaker B: Tim. [01:01:28] Speaker A: That's right, tim. [01:01:29] Speaker B: Who doesn't like come the gay dude who is cum phobic. [01:01:32] Speaker A: Tim. It was Tim and then his best friend. [01:01:35] Speaker B: How you like dick but don't like what comes out? That's just weird as hell. That's like a chick that's like, oh, I don't want to see the pussy. [01:01:48] Speaker A: My other friend, he said he never because I talked to him recently, he said he never had, like pussy. Pussy. What does that mean? Like he had head from a girl before, but he never fucked pussy. Well, you wouldn't have to say pussy twice. That's definitely just one pussy head is completely different than but Tim at least fucked pussy. Like he experienced it and still said he preferred dick. Yeah, but up to a certain point, right? [01:02:09] Speaker B: He went both ways until it starts acting like a sea cucumber. It starts doing its little imitation of a sea cucumber and he's like, I don't know. [01:02:19] Speaker A: That's the thing. With them, too. They go both ways. They're not a top or bottom. They're both. [01:02:23] Speaker B: Yeah, I don't think that's the same definition of both ways. Both ways to me would be like guys and girls. So top and bottom is just one way gay. I don't know if you can try. [01:02:37] Speaker A: To that's so interesting, man. We're really ignorant in this. I want to listen to no, we're ignorant because I'm thinking like you, man. That's not two different ways. [01:02:45] Speaker B: That's not two different ways. [01:02:47] Speaker A: Because remember with him, when he came and talked to us, he was like, there's some gay people that don't mind fucking trans. He didn't want to fuck no trans. Remember he said that? Can you talk to the mic? He said he didn't want to touch it. [01:02:59] Speaker B: Gosh, damn it. It's going to break. Broken. [01:03:01] Speaker A: Look, I mean, I touch my mic, right? [01:03:03] Speaker B: But you are not French. [01:03:05] Speaker A: Look, don't turn a dial. Don't turn this. You know what I'm saying? You can even turn this. Turn this. Fine. That's fine. [01:03:11] Speaker B: You cannot compare yourself to French, Reggie. [01:03:14] Speaker A: All you gotta do is just don't touch a dial, don't raise, don't lower, don't any of that. Yeah, but yeah, like you said he wouldn't fuck like him. He said he only fucks guys, but he does top and bottom. But some gay dudes only do bottom. And some gay dudes will fuck a regular guy in a trans. Can we talk about something? [01:03:30] Speaker B: But that's not by let's be clear. Let's get our definitions clear. That's not going both ways or that's. [01:03:35] Speaker A: Not by a top and bottom is I'm bi? [01:03:37] Speaker B: No, nigga, no. Nice try. [01:03:41] Speaker A: That's the same way. That's the parking spot of Flanning. And you trying to back in to that spot. That's what that is. You came back into this spot. It's turned the wrong way. [01:03:55] Speaker B: Holy shit. Oh, my goodness. Hey, man, let me ask you guys a question about some shit that I saw the other day, right? So I'm driving past this CrossFit, okay? And I only seen big women walking up out of it, right? [01:04:12] Speaker A: CrossFit. That's good. [01:04:13] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay. So I'm glad you said that, because my first thing was thinking, because it was like a CrossFit that was like off the side of the freeway, right? And it was like in maybe like a warehouse thing, I guess. That's where you do CrossFit because you want to have tires and ability to do all this other shit, right? But my question was, so if you owned a CrossFit, would you have a limit on how many big people could be in your gym? Or are you just like Joe's fucking Gym on fucking dodgeball where you just allow all the fucking misshapen people in the world to be a part of your gym? Because I just feel like to me that's bad branding, right? Because I saw someone else and she was a big person and she had a CrossFit. Talk about work put in work and I'm like, not enough. You know what I mean? And I'm not. What? B. Don't look at me like that. I'm just saying, okay, maybe she's putting in a lot of work, but it ain't working. So the point of the matter is if you owned it, though, right? If this is your brand and you're trying to run a fitness center, do you want a fucking garage full of unfit motherfuckers in there? Or would you be like, we're at our quota for unfit people. I need some fit people in here, too. Because again, if you go to say you're a fit person wanting to go to a CrossFit and you pull up and ain't nothing but biggins in there, you're not going to be like, oh yeah, this is my place. This is where I need to be. Because no, I wouldn't. I would be like, maybe your routine ain't working, bro. Like you ain't the guru you think you are. So for me, I would want the. [01:05:52] Speaker A: Big people, because if this is my company, the people that need my service. [01:05:56] Speaker B: The most are the big people because. [01:05:59] Speaker A: My whole service is to get so. [01:06:01] Speaker B: You'Re just going to advertise two biggins. [01:06:04] Speaker A: Because they're the ones that need it. [01:06:05] Speaker B: If I can show everybody needs fitness, bro. [01:06:08] Speaker A: I know, but the ones that are big actually really need it at an intensive level. If I can have them for a three to six month period and they're. [01:06:16] Speaker B: Still big, but if I had them, you kick them out. [01:06:19] Speaker A: If I had them for three to six months and they've been coming to my gym, I can show the progress from three to six months. Yeah, they were 500 so arrogant. If they are coming to my gym for the next three to six months and they're coming in, you're guaranteeing results. [01:06:33] Speaker B: Is what you're doing now. [01:06:35] Speaker A: They will lose weight automatically. [01:06:37] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. No, they will not. [01:06:39] Speaker A: If they're coming to my CrossFit gym for three to six months at least four times a week. [01:06:45] Speaker B: So you're saying all the biggins that I see that are just new members. [01:06:49] Speaker A: They could be new members or they probably were bigger. Here's what I think, right? So as a business person, I want. [01:06:58] Speaker B: Success stories. [01:06:59] Speaker A: No. [01:06:59] Speaker B: Okay. [01:07:00] Speaker A: No, I want money. [01:07:02] Speaker B: Okay, that makes sense. [01:07:03] Speaker A: I get you fit people more willing to spend because CrossFit is expensive as fuck. [01:07:08] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:07:09] Speaker A: Are fit people more willing? They're already fit now, and they're like, shit, $300 a year. Or I mean, it's more than it's like $150 a month. Yeah, $150 a month and I'm already fit. I can do this on my own. I can get a tire. I can go get a tire. [01:07:25] Speaker B: You cannot get a tractor tire anywhere, bro. Where are you going to put it? On the side of your house? [01:07:29] Speaker A: I'm trying to make is that there are other ways to stay in shape, and I already have discipline. So I can do it. But the fat or oversized people are the ones that are going to always come in and try. Yeah, they may not stay for more than a couple of months. That's fine. I already got three months out of them. There'll be a whole new batch of fatties right around the corner. [01:07:45] Speaker B: But that's not like the Gold's Gym model, right? So if you go to Gold's Gym. [01:07:50] Speaker A: But you're trying to do it like Studio 54, you're doing the studio. Is that what Gold's Gym is that's what you're about to say? Because like Studio 54, you can't get in there unless you're a fabulous person. You work all night getting ready, you put your fly track suit on and your icy white uptowns, right? And you go get in line. You wait in line for 2 hours. You finally get up the front and dude is like, we got too many dudes, we got too many hard legs in here right now. So you stand your ass out there till the club closes, basically because they've let all the beautiful people in or whatever, and you're just a wannabe or you're not quite right or you're whatever. That's how you're going to do these fat people. [01:08:25] Speaker B: But I feel like you got to have something in there that looks like it's working, right. Like, again, employees. [01:08:34] Speaker A: Okay, again, you don't hire fat employees. You just hire really in shape employees and give them a free minute. I get that because you're giving people something to aspire to. But real fit people are not going to spend $200 a month on fitness because they can do it at home. They can do it or whatever. [01:08:50] Speaker B: No, but just think about Gold's Gym, right? If you've seen the T shirt, right? It's something with the fucking bar bending, right? Like it's fucking it's just like we in here doing weights. We in here stacking in motherfucker. And you go into a ghost gym, and it'd be a bunch of roided up motherfuckers like yokes and shit. [01:09:07] Speaker A: Those people are you saying the people at Gold Gym are strong? [01:09:11] Speaker B: Yeah. And on Royce. [01:09:13] Speaker A: Yeah. That's that market. For real. [01:09:17] Speaker B: Again, what are we talking about? You don't get what I'm saying? [01:09:20] Speaker A: No, I get what you're saying, but the reason why you're going to have. [01:09:22] Speaker B: A bigging on her, on my poster. [01:09:26] Speaker A: Board, it will be fit models of who? Fit models. I can pay the models. I have them do the photo shoot at my gym. [01:09:32] Speaker B: Okay. [01:09:33] Speaker A: For my poster board. [01:09:34] Speaker B: So you're false advertisers? [01:09:35] Speaker A: No, but the thing is, I want those fat people to be inspired to look like this. Hey, when you come to my gym, you're going to look like that model I displayed. How are you going to sell food to somebody who's not hungry, bro? [01:09:48] Speaker B: Man, people that are in shape are still hungry to stay in shape. [01:09:51] Speaker A: Yeah, but they already think about it. If they're already in shape. They already got a gym membership. You ain't already got somewhere to go. You haven't been to a goal gym. [01:09:59] Speaker B: Not in a while. [01:09:59] Speaker A: Because if you had, you and there was a bunch of fat people in bowl's gym too. [01:10:02] Speaker B: I haven't been in a while. When I went to Gold's Gym, it was a bunch of Roy. [01:10:05] Speaker A: The way gyms make money, the way gyms make money, especially La Fitness is Planet Fitness. They charge you. [01:10:11] Speaker B: Oh, planet fitness is markets. [01:10:13] Speaker A: You can be whoever you want is not the same. Planet Fitness gets it. Planet Fitness understands. [01:10:17] Speaker B: They get on you. [01:10:18] Speaker A: If you work out too hard, you can't yell. [01:10:21] Speaker B: You work out too hard, they'll put. [01:10:23] Speaker A: A siren on your tank top in there. They want you to stay, hold your phone in there. Planet Fitness is different. [01:10:29] Speaker B: But then those are always the ones you see on fucking the internet. Fucking eating a pizza on the treadmill. It's always Planet Fitness. [01:10:34] Speaker A: I wonder whose stock is worth more, planet Fitness or La Fitness? [01:10:37] Speaker B: That's a good point. [01:10:38] Speaker A: La Fitness. What they do is they'll sign you up to a contract that you can't get out of. They figure you're not going to come. But they tempt the fat people. They don't care about no in shape people. In shape. People can go to any gym or go at home or do plyometrics or whatever. Like they've already figured it out. The gym is not made for those people. I'll have some stuff for the people really in shape. But really my market is all the fat people. Planet fitness. Understood that. So they have cornered that, I think. They have pizza on Mondays. [01:11:03] Speaker B: They got donuts on Wednesday. Candy at the front, at the front desk. You get some Tootsie Rolls to fucking. [01:11:09] Speaker A: And they have signs everywhere saying don't shame people. [01:11:12] Speaker B: Lunk alert. [01:11:12] Speaker A: Figured it out. [01:11:13] Speaker B: They got a Lunk alert? [01:11:14] Speaker A: Yeah, drop the weights, right? [01:11:16] Speaker B: They put the siren like, come on, man. Like this shit was heavy. Like I can't work out until exhaustion. [01:11:21] Speaker A: You can't carry a gallon of water with you, bro. You can't do that. [01:11:24] Speaker B: That's why. But that makes sense according to you. [01:11:29] Speaker A: I mean, we're going to see what the share is one day. [01:11:31] Speaker B: Are you looking it up, Rich? No. Are you just texting something? You on Instagram? [01:11:36] Speaker A: I was looking for a video because Planet Fitness got us like that Dynasty model is like perfect. Because it's like they brand for the everyday people. That's why even their weights is not free weights. They have some free weights, but just not as much. It's like the way they design it. It's for the everyday people because they know majority of people it was like a whole TikTok. French is on. He's texting his girl right now to find out if she's thought about having sex with her guy. [01:12:00] Speaker B: French is that why you don't hang out with them no more? [01:12:04] Speaker A: Right? I was wondering why Rodney didn't come around no more. Fitness stock is 48 50, and La fitness stock is have it up like that. Drum roll. [01:12:18] Speaker B: They don't have it up like that. [01:12:20] Speaker A: What do you mean they don't have it up like that? They don't have stock. Is La Fitness. Privately owned. Oh, shit. I don't know. If you don't see a stock number form, they may. [01:12:37] Speaker B: Know if your girl had friends while he's looking this up. And then you guys get together male friends, I should say. And then you guys get together and then they stop hanging out. Is that not something? What does that mean? [01:12:50] Speaker A: That means they're respecting the relationship. [01:12:52] Speaker B: Yeah, okay. [01:12:53] Speaker A: Usually that happens. [01:12:55] Speaker B: So you make her give up her friends. [01:12:57] Speaker A: You don't make her it just tends to just falls off, okay? Slowly but surely falls off. Less visits, but less going out, less phone calls. [01:13:05] Speaker B: We can't be around each other thinking about fucking no more because I got a guy. [01:13:09] Speaker A: I really wanted you, but I can't see it now. [01:13:13] Speaker B: We can't do this no more and act like we do. [01:13:16] Speaker A: You think that's why people get they find couples? Like, once you get in a relationship, you only find friendships that are friends that are in couples? I don't do that. [01:13:23] Speaker B: You don't do that? [01:13:24] Speaker A: No. I think it's gay to make your husband come along with you to be. [01:13:29] Speaker B: Friends with the other husband. Yeah, I'll be seeing that. He does some of the same stuff. He likes something you like. [01:13:36] Speaker A: I'll be seeing people got hair. I'd be seeing people in relationship posts. Like, if anybody so me and so and so wants to meet more couple friends. They want to have friends that are in other relationships now. [01:13:48] Speaker B: Why don't you hang out with whoever you hang out with, if that's the case? You know what I mean? If we don't have natural couple friends you hang out with whoever your friends are girlfriends. Right? And then I will hang out. But what if all her girlfriends are sluts and you happen to fuck them? [01:14:04] Speaker A: No. So you're scared that when she goes hang out with them, she does some slutty shit. No, he's saying like, you bring your friend along and then he ends up fucking every girl that y'all go out with because they're all sluts. [01:14:15] Speaker B: That sounds good to so, it's not about being afraid, though, for Dredgie. To your point. But would you want so your girl to be in a club with a bunch of thoughts right. That are like fucking trying to get niggas to buy drinks for them right, and talking all that, I fuck good and all this shit. But your girl is supposed to be the good girl. Whatever. Don't talk to me, girl. Right. [01:14:41] Speaker A: If the niggas want to buy her drinks, they can buy her drinks. [01:14:45] Speaker B: That's how it starts. [01:14:47] Speaker A: You let your girl let niggas buy her drinks. I don't let but I'm saying. Like, if she's I'm I was going along with slippery slopes. [01:14:54] Speaker B: Example don't. [01:14:55] Speaker A: Yeah, yeah. [01:14:56] Speaker B: Because she's there, right? And all these other hoes is out there fucking like, why you say other hoes? Because that's what her friends were. [01:15:01] Speaker A: We just called no, no, but you say other means that she's one, too. Yeah. [01:15:04] Speaker B: No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. But see, I missed a lot of English class. [01:15:09] Speaker A: First of all, hold on. I want to give J Mac credit. It's been a long time since you disrespected his girl or his relationship, so I want to give you credit. That was probably like, 70 days. [01:15:18] Speaker B: Stop it. [01:15:20] Speaker A: But we're back. [01:15:21] Speaker B: Listen, I instances with prepositions. My English is not the great. [01:15:24] Speaker A: That's fine. [01:15:24] Speaker B: Day one. [01:15:25] Speaker A: Day one. [01:15:25] Speaker B: Now, since accident, like 70 days since an accident. [01:15:33] Speaker A: That was a light one. That was a light one. Didn't even catch it. [01:15:36] Speaker B: But I caught it all. I'm talking about other hoes because I'm thinking about in the club, right? [01:15:41] Speaker A: But other holes as opposed to the main ho. [01:15:43] Speaker B: No ho. There's a bunch of other hoes. [01:15:47] Speaker A: But how can there be other? [01:15:48] Speaker B: If there's no main there's a no ho hole and then there's other hoes. That makes sense, because in the club, there's other hoes. [01:15:55] Speaker A: There has to be one hole to be other hoes. [01:15:56] Speaker B: No, there's plenty of them in the club. [01:15:58] Speaker A: Right, but there has to be a main ho for there to be other. [01:16:00] Speaker B: No, there's going to be a main. [01:16:01] Speaker A: One has to be no, there's no way other. Look up the word other, bro. It's defined that way. [01:16:07] Speaker B: Okay, what does it mean? What does other mean then? Help me out. [01:16:10] Speaker A: Not the main. [01:16:13] Speaker B: That doesn't mean that she's the main. [01:16:15] Speaker A: Sure. [01:16:16] Speaker B: That doesn't mean that. [01:16:17] Speaker A: Sure. [01:16:17] Speaker B: Mac, come on, man. [01:16:18] Speaker A: Okay, man, day one. We're in day one. [01:16:21] Speaker B: Nice. [01:16:21] Speaker A: One day since accident, and he's so. [01:16:23] Speaker B: Good to go along with it, like yeah, man, you meant it. I did not. So is that what you think I thought, man, is that what you I. [01:16:28] Speaker A: Know you didn't imply that, but right. No, he didn't try to imply he did imply it. [01:16:33] Speaker B: No, he may not have meant to. No, I'm just talking about in the club, there's a bunch of hoes, and her friends are the others, right? There's a bunch of hoes in this club. Her friends are the others. [01:16:45] Speaker A: They're just a bunch of holes. Why they got to be the other? They're just a bunch of hoes. [01:16:48] Speaker B: Because they're not with her group anyway, right? Anyway, one day since so they're out there, right? And they're all fucking cleavage popping, right, and looking for somebody to take home, right? Type of shit, right? And they're getting drinks bought for them. [01:17:05] Speaker A: The friends. [01:17:06] Speaker B: The friends. [01:17:06] Speaker A: So the friends are looking for somebody to take home, man. [01:17:08] Speaker B: That's what the fucking host do, right? [01:17:10] Speaker A: I'm listening. [01:17:12] Speaker B: And they're doing this, right? And so they are attracting all these fucking dudes. And your girl is like, no, I got a man. They're like, hey, could I buy you a drink, though? You okay with the drink buying? [01:17:26] Speaker A: Yeah, she can get the free drink, she can finesse, and they got as many drinks as she wants. She just got to behave herself. Finesse. So what do you think? He's finessing? He's going to try to finesse her. She just got to out finesse. [01:17:36] Speaker B: So you're willing to let some dude try and finesse your girl? [01:17:41] Speaker A: You're willing to let your girl play that game, right? I'm not there. But here's the thing about games, right? So when you go play pickup, right? Yeah. Do you win every time? No. Do you try though? You try to win every time? Yeah. But sometimes you just don't you fall short, right? Okay, hold on. Your girl playing a game, she lose that game. That's on her. No, it's not. Because why? You can't lose that game. What you mean you can't lose that game? How many games have you lost and pick up in your life? When you played against Jalen Brown, did you win or lose? I lost. But this is the thing, if she that type of game, she can't lose. So this is the thing. If it's Jalen Brown, your opponent, don't even play that pickup game. [01:18:20] Speaker B: How do you know you played it? Jalen Brown came with top shelf. [01:18:25] Speaker A: Yeah, he got it. [01:18:26] Speaker B: Casamigos. [01:18:27] Speaker A: Because this is the thing, because a lot of times as a nigga that bought drinks for girls, too, I've been the nigga that bought drinks for girls. And the girl just wanted the free drink for me, but she didn't want nothing for me. So I'm not going to like is it weird that I've never bought a girl a drink? [01:18:41] Speaker B: Yes. Never. [01:18:46] Speaker A: Drinks. [01:18:47] Speaker B: Okay. I'm not saying as a date? Yeah. [01:18:53] Speaker A: On dates? Yes, I've done everything on dates. Beautiful. Has anybody ever told you're beautiful like that what you're drinking? [01:19:03] Speaker B: Yeah, not like that. [01:19:04] Speaker A: But you start a conversation with a girl at the bar, you only know her for 5 minutes and you buy a drink, you start calling. [01:19:09] Speaker B: No. [01:19:09] Speaker A: Yeah. Never, bro, in my life. Not once, not ever. You've done it off anything if I start a conversation, yeah. I offer a drink. You feel like you owe her now because you I just feel like she because I'm about to buy me a drink. But that's you, right? You went to work for your drink, right? What did she do, just talk to you? All she did was say yes. No. Yes. No. I'm not going to act like I never bought a drink. You already admitted it. Yeah, I bought drinks. So that's what I'm saying. Because sometimes it's just something niggas just do. But the girl don't really want you, but she's going to take the free drink. You're giving her a free drink. That's what I'm going to the strip club my next question, though, French, my next question. Have you ever bought a girl a drink and also fucked? Yeah. Okay. Do you think that in the beginning. [01:19:57] Speaker B: She was going to fuck you before. [01:19:59] Speaker A: You bought her drink? Before you said hello, before you said I personally believe you think if you would have just sat down and said nothing, she would have nothing. But I feel like I didn't have to buy the drink to fuck. That's what I'm saying. I don't think the drink is the reason why I got the pussy. No, I don't think so either. What you're saying though, is if had you sat down and not said anything out of the ordinary like, that you were interested in her, any of that, you could just sat there and had a regular conversation. You think she would have fucked. Yeah, I probably could still. [01:20:25] Speaker B: Or do you feel like you need to get drunk to fuck? Bill Cosby? [01:20:30] Speaker A: I don't even want all that. I don't want that. I don't want that. [01:20:33] Speaker B: You're buying just one drink. [01:20:35] Speaker A: Does the girl think that you're Davido when you did this? Or does she think your friends are ready because you look just like that nigga she might have thought? [01:20:44] Speaker B: So you're saying you cut her off to make sure she stays? [01:20:48] Speaker A: Only I'm not going to buy multiple drinks. I still got to watch out for my pockets. So my question then is you've used that tactic and you've got it before and you're not always sure that the girl would have fucked you. Bill Cosby, I'm just moving this now. I'm going to move this conversation to your girl being out there playing that game. She didn't think she was going to get a pussy up, but that nigga said something. That's what I'm saying. If she's my girl and then she gave the pussy, whether a nigga buy you a drink or not, that's the moment you give the pussy to another nigga. It is what it is, right? What is it? You're no longer my girl the moment I don't believe that that's me. I don't believe that. With a soul tie. I don't believe that. You don't believe that? I don't believe you can just disconnect soul ties like that. You can. You can. Yeah, you think so, mate? [01:21:31] Speaker B: Do I? [01:21:32] Speaker A: You think you can disconnect soul ties? [01:21:34] Speaker B: You think French can disconnect oh, okay. [01:21:35] Speaker A: French. [01:21:36] Speaker B: I'm sorry. [01:21:36] Speaker A: When have you ever been soul tied to everybody you've had sex? He said he's soul tied to every woman he's ever had sex with. Again, you all be exaggerating. No, you said that, bro. We didn't did we didn't make that up. [01:21:46] Speaker B: When your body count was in the low twenty s, you said it was because you'd be so connected. [01:21:52] Speaker A: No, I was saying the reason why you don't want to give your body out to everybody is because of soul ties. I didn't say that's. [01:21:59] Speaker B: Probably one of the most pivotal things you said you don't want to give your body to I can't give my body to you. [01:22:05] Speaker A: I'm saving it for someone else. I tarnished my flower, but I can do anal. But all I'm saying is yeah, because the moment whether a nigga buy her a drink or not, the moment she accepts another nigga to come to fuck her or she wants to fuck, how. [01:22:18] Speaker B: Many shots does it take to get there? [01:22:20] Speaker A: Come on, before you matter. [01:22:21] Speaker B: No. [01:22:23] Speaker A: One shots or no shots, the moment come on. [01:22:26] Speaker B: French Reggie. [01:22:26] Speaker A: How do you one shots. French Reggie. Reggie. [01:22:31] Speaker B: Why is there a fucking rule against driving drunk? Because it fucking impairs your fucking thinking. [01:22:35] Speaker A: And you don't know you can't drive it, right? Come on. This is my thing. [01:22:41] Speaker B: You think you're not going to get a pussy up six shots later? [01:22:44] Speaker A: This is my thing. If you're going to get six shots later, don't let yourself get to six shots. If you don't want to lose the relationship that you're in. [01:22:52] Speaker B: What are they saying? If you feel different, you drive different. Listen, it might just take one shot. You know what I mean? That's fine. But again, I think that's a weird game to again, it's one of those things like give a nigga rope, let them be a cowboy is what you're saying. Let them hang themselves is what you. [01:23:10] Speaker A: I'm a big believer. This is my thing because this is how I move. I don't plan on cheating. And I'm not even going to allow myself to be in a situation where the temptation to cheat is so high, where I might fall victims. Right? I won't even put myself in that position. That's me, too. The moment I see I might be in that position, I remove myself. So if you my girl and a nigga buying you drinks and you're filling that nigger but you don't want to lose me, the moment you start seeing you feeling like, damn, I'm really feeling this nigga move, if you allow the nigga to keep going through and then he fucks, you lose me. 100% agree. That's exactly my and that's rare. So let's mark this moment. That's my mom. [01:23:52] Speaker B: How many flocks of dudes, right, do you think that are not going to have somebody her type in? It like, these niggas come flocking worried. [01:24:01] Speaker A: About none of that shit. I'm saying the moment you do it, it's my goal. It's a whole bunch of my types running around Atlanta. It's a whole bunch of my types running around Atlanta. But I don't allow myself to be in the place with them where that's even a possibility. So that if she did get real aggressive with me and it was like, oh, shit, I'm not going to be there, I remove myself from not that I wouldn't still say no, but what kind of fucking test am I putting myself? No, I don't even want to try me like that. [01:24:25] Speaker B: So I 100% agree, too. Because I remember the one time Hooch fucking invited me to this orgy when I was fucking married, and I was like, no, my nigga, I'm dropping you off. [01:24:39] Speaker A: He likes this. [01:24:39] Speaker B: Come watch again. I think he knew, like, listen, man, once you get here, if you in here because there's a bunch of them and they waiting, and I'm like, I'm going to drop you off at your car. [01:24:51] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:24:51] Speaker B: And I'm going home. [01:24:52] Speaker A: Yeah, I get it on the mic. And that's cool. [01:24:56] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:24:56] Speaker A: Okay. [01:24:57] Speaker B: Yeah. This was way back in the day. He didn't in his orgy phase. [01:25:02] Speaker A: That's a phase. I never had that phase. I'm vanilla. [01:25:08] Speaker B: I don't know. [01:25:09] Speaker A: So look, man, I got a question for you guys. Did y'all see in Twitter when I DM'd you guys the amount of money we spent on Ukraine, on Ukraine, the money that we in that loss, isn't that amazing how much it is? [01:25:20] Speaker B: Yes. It's crazy. [01:25:22] Speaker A: We had that much money printed. Did you know we had sent that much money? [01:25:25] Speaker B: No, I didn't either. [01:25:26] Speaker A: I don't even know if it's true. But it was a blue check and it was how do we even send that much money in that short amount of time? That's my problem. [01:25:32] Speaker B: How are they not? [01:25:33] Speaker A: No, but is it like ten year contracts like Lockheed with this company? I don't know. You got $100 million? Because there's no way we printed all this money out. Hundreds of billions. Yeah, I think it's just contracts that are long term and that's worth those amounts. [01:25:50] Speaker B: Okay, so here we go. I got it up here. So this is in just this year, in 2023. February 20, 5,000,003 days later, 10 billion. The next day, the 24th, 2 billion. [01:26:06] Speaker A: What's the biggest amount? [01:26:08] Speaker B: The biggest amount was 40 billion. On May 19, one transfer was 40 bill. 40 bill? [01:26:16] Speaker A: That was the biggest amount. I thought there was one for like 100 or something. Billion. [01:26:21] Speaker B: But that's just the totals. [01:26:23] Speaker A: I thought it was 100 billions, too. [01:26:28] Speaker B: No, I didn't see no 100 bill in here. 6.2. So there's a couple of hundred mils, right? In 500 mil. [01:26:36] Speaker A: Okay, yeah, you're right. It was like a 3.84 billion. That's where I saw I thought it was 384 at first. [01:26:42] Speaker B: Yeah. But on May 19, they got a 40 bill check. [01:26:45] Speaker A: Wild. [01:26:46] Speaker B: And my question is, how the fuck you still ain't winning? Why are you ain't into this? [01:26:53] Speaker A: It's not just military. [01:26:54] Speaker B: What are they putting this money to? [01:26:56] Speaker A: Biolabs? I feel like a lot of it is for routes, knowing how to transfer weapons. [01:27:03] Speaker B: That's a fucking expensive route. [01:27:05] Speaker A: I think they're learning how to transfer weapons over there or some shit. It don't make no sense spending billions to teach them how to I think I think it's so we can have can we just send them Ups? [01:27:15] Speaker B: Can't we just hook them up with fucking Amazon Ups drivers? [01:27:19] Speaker A: You need to send them off. I think this money is going to come back to us. I think all this money is American companies. To American companies. That's what I'm saying. American tax dollars to American companies. Okay, I feel you, but that's what I'm saying. That ain't even what I wanted to talk about. [01:27:29] Speaker B: If you were Ukrainian and you saw. [01:27:31] Speaker A: This, how are we not winning, man? [01:27:32] Speaker B: Listen, how the fuck am I still eating bread and fucking how in the. [01:27:36] Speaker A: Fuck do descendants of slaves not have reparations? [01:27:39] Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. Right? [01:27:41] Speaker A: They cannot ever talk about reparations. They don't have no money for it. Yeah, okay, so I just wanted to. [01:27:45] Speaker B: Bring that up because of all what did Kanye say? They don't care about black people. [01:27:49] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, because all the money that's being spent but how do you guys feel about the times in history where we've sold weapons to enemies? Or not necessarily, but other countries, like. [01:28:00] Speaker B: The freedom fighters, just whoever, how do. [01:28:02] Speaker A: You feel about those things? I never understood the tactics behind do. [01:28:06] Speaker B: I mean, again, it's a so, but. [01:28:11] Speaker A: You'Re also giving a potential enemy a potential enemy. [01:28:13] Speaker B: Wait a minute, I guess that's what happened. Well, they're not enemies with Al Qaeda and ISIS. They used to be the Afghan freedom fighters back in the day. [01:28:22] Speaker A: But what about Nicaragua stuff? Like the stuff with the crack? Yeah. So here's a new thing. The United States Department has greenlit a substantial $389,000,000 foreign military sale to Poland. This significant deal encompasses the sustainment of F 16 fighter jets and related equipment. So my problem is we're not even talking about guns. Now. The proposed sale will improve Poland's capability to meet current and future threats by increasing the reliability of their F 16 fleet, the State Department said. Poland has purchased sustainment support for the F, its inventory, for many years and will have no difficulty absorbing these articles and services into its armed forces. The statement added Poland has expressed its interest in acquiring supplementary non major defense equipment, items and services to complement a prior FMS case with the value below the congressional notification threshold. The original FMS case, valued at 82 million, included various items and services designed to enhance the F 16s aircraft sustainment. One of the key objectives of this proposed sales to support the foreign policy goals and national security objectives of the United States by improving the security of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is short for well, NATO is short for that ally. That is a force for political stability and economic progress in Europe, according to the State Department. So here's my problem. Lockheed Martin is the people who are actually going to be doing the course, but of course it goes to the government. So it's still government state Department related. My problem, though, is giving another country guns and ammo and training, that's one thing. Giving them the ability to get off the ground and get to the US to attack us with the shit that's another thing to me. So when we're talking about this country, poland supposed to be an ally for now, but Poland was part of the Axis, weren't they, during World War II? Weren't they? [01:30:14] Speaker B: Weren't they? [01:30:15] Speaker A: Were they Poland at that time? Yes, I think Poland, Italy, there were a lot of places that are now our friends that weren't during World War II. That shit changes. [01:30:25] Speaker B: That was because they were occupied by German, though, right? [01:30:27] Speaker A: That's only 60 years, man. Stop for a second. I'm not talking about the details of the intricacies. I'm just saying in 60 years, they went from being an enemy I don't give a fuck how, okay? In 60 years, they went from being an enemy to being an ally. And you're saying, yeah, in your kid's lifetime and maybe in your lifetime, they could be an enemy again. And we're giving them the ability to get to us. [01:30:50] Speaker B: So if you try to I feel. [01:30:52] Speaker A: Like if we're selling those things, it's because we got better shit. You can have that little plane. Yeah. Because if you do come with that little plane, my new big plane, we. [01:31:02] Speaker B: Ain'T giving top shelf. [01:31:04] Speaker A: Sure. Yeah. You got a gun, right? I got a machete. You still fucking with me? [01:31:08] Speaker B: I got the gun. [01:31:09] Speaker A: Yeah, you shouldn't. You never know what I know. That gun could jam. I could catch you off guard. You could catch me off guard if you catch me off guard. And I know that a machete is not a gun, but that motherfucker hurts. [01:31:20] Speaker B: It can do more than hurt. [01:31:21] Speaker A: You can kill me, too. Yeah, that's my point. So I hear what you're saying, but when we're talking about weapons, AR fifteen s. Yes. Ammo. Yes. All that shit. Yes. Training. Yeah. But when we're talking about something that can get them from their door to my door so check this out. How about let's give them the little plane. Because if we don't give them the little plane, our real enemy is going to give them the plane. So China will give them the plane. So this is probably the reason why they are willing to work with them still. [01:31:48] Speaker B: That's what I was going to say. [01:31:49] Speaker A: Because if I don't give you the plane, you're going to go to China, and China might give you a plane that could fuck up my plane. I don't negotiate with terrorists. [01:31:56] Speaker B: So if I'm trying to sew up the block, right? And your house is on the corner, that street to the entry of the block, and I'm like, Listen, bro, I need you to be on point. And I can't be on point. I don't got nothing but a baseball bat. And you're like you're right. Here is something that will help you stay on point and defend the points of the block. [01:32:17] Speaker A: Because technically, you're still my ally right now. [01:32:19] Speaker B: Right? Now, if you decide you want to be Nino Brown, too, right? And now you're going to take over the block, and I'm in your enemy. I hope that I saved all the good shit from, like, the Benelli's and the fucking good shit that I just gave you. Now, granted, your revolver that I gave you could do what you needed to do, but the ODS of are tilted in my favor. And again, when it all comes down to it, if you get to acted real murky, I do got this other thing that will fucking Hiroshima your ass. [01:32:50] Speaker A: Let's not forget, if I give you a machete and I got a gun, you still got a machete. You still have a dangerous weapon. Why not just give me a corner? I'll be a corner boy in Poland. Give me a couple of corners and we'll put our guys you was until I give you this plane. They're graduating. I don't want to graduate. I want to put my corner boys over there. [01:33:07] Speaker B: The Japanese had machetes. [01:33:09] Speaker A: So it's funny that we're talking about this. Like today we have a missing jet that's just been flying around. They don't know. Like, the pilot got ejected himself out of it, and they said the jet is just flying autopilot. This is a real story. [01:33:22] Speaker B: I don't believe, bro, to the point. [01:33:24] Speaker A: Where it's a US jet. [01:33:25] Speaker B: It's just flying around, doing its own thing. [01:33:27] Speaker A: They would have shot it down, bro. They're not letting a plane just fly. I can't find it. That's why they said what? It's radar, right? [01:33:34] Speaker B: My car got GPS. They could track that. They got a lowjack on a fucking million dollar fucking install. [01:33:41] Speaker A: Okay, you got a video? [01:33:43] Speaker B: This is going to be interesting with this new mic. Officials say that but we begin tonight with breaking news. Military officials say they're responding to a, quote, mishap involving an F 35 fighter jet. Officials say the pilot of an F 35 lightning two ejected from the jet and landed safely. But the search is on now for the missing F 35. They don't know where it is and are asking the public for help. Available flight data shows sled flying over Lake Moultrie near Charleston. If you know anything, call Joint Base Charleston. [01:34:18] Speaker A: It's so bad that they said no military flights for the next two days. And then they said that they got. [01:34:23] Speaker B: A crime stopper for a missing not. [01:34:26] Speaker A: Only they said no military flights for the next two days, they said that they think a foreign national is operating the autopilot now. It got, like, attacked. Oh, this is on purpose. So they said the missing $80 million, right? $80 million. [01:34:38] Speaker B: That's what I was about to say. [01:34:39] Speaker A: One jet cost 80 million. Yes. That's why they got to send all that money to Ukraine, because that's probably just two jets. No, listen. 80 million. They sent 3 billion, right? [01:34:49] Speaker B: 40 billion. [01:34:50] Speaker A: You know how many 80 million going to 33 billion, bro. [01:34:52] Speaker B: Listen. So this is what I'm trying to tell you. You tell me that you spent $80 million on a motherfucking vehicle that don't got a fucking tracking service, and then. [01:35:02] Speaker A: You ghost ride the whip, right, that. [01:35:04] Speaker B: You can't find that if it gets lost or stolen. Fucking Chevy's got them. I mean, come on, Star. Right? Come on. [01:35:12] Speaker A: So they said okay, so now, updated news. The missing $80 million jet has been located crashed in a field in South Carolina. Unfortunately, they said that although the wreckage has been discovered, us officials have ordered a worldwide standout on all military aviation. According to officials, no units are allowed to fly for two days. Many are wondering if the F 35 technology has been compromised by a foreign entity. Because my whole problem is why the fuck the pilot jet got off. He literally just parachuted himself out and let the jet fly off. So that means he kind of suspect he didn't have no control of whatever he was flying. It was like, I don't feel safe. Let me get the fuck out. Or he's why would he have called that in, though, right? [01:35:55] Speaker B: Well, he's trying to do it for life now. [01:35:56] Speaker A: If they eject his punk out ass out for him, he's like, that's what? He's just driving and shit, trying to back into his spot? You know what I'm saying? If somebody ejects do right? So they said the pilot was supposedly ejected after telecommunication transporter stopped responding. However, the plane yeah. So the black box stopped working. Yeah. That might be corrupt, bro. And that's scary. They can cyber attack the plane while the pilot is in there, bro. But why not, though? Why wouldn't they be able to, right? [01:36:24] Speaker B: All of this shit is suspect. [01:36:26] Speaker A: Of course, it'd be very difficult to do encryption involved in it, but there's people definitely possible. [01:36:30] Speaker B: There's motherfuckers out there that do. [01:36:32] Speaker A: They said two flighter jets was flying side by side during the incident. You didn't see that movie back in day, War Games? It was a teenager who broke down the main computer for the government. [01:36:41] Speaker B: For sure. [01:36:42] Speaker A: Put us on Defcon One. So if there was two other jets flying side by side, why didn't they just follow? Follow it? I would have followed that motherfucker forever. Or is it protocol to not because if somebody else is operating it, you don't know if it's just going to blow up out of nowhere. So they don't you can follow from a distance, bro. [01:36:58] Speaker B: Blow it up. [01:37:01] Speaker A: I thought they would have shot it down. [01:37:03] Speaker B: That's what I'm thinking. Like, what are we doing? [01:37:05] Speaker A: A plane with people in it on 911? [01:37:07] Speaker B: A whole bunch of people in it. [01:37:08] Speaker A: Yeah. So they say it crashed in the field. [01:37:11] Speaker B: Okay. Yeah. Listen, we all know what happened to that place. [01:37:14] Speaker A: And there was another one, too, that never got off the taxiway, remember? Yeah. They shoot that shit down on the. [01:37:20] Speaker B: Ground, it just spontaneously combust. [01:37:24] Speaker A: That's weird, man. But, I mean, of course, if it's computerized electronic. It can be hacked. So it's possible. It's very weird. It's not looking good for our aviation system. Not all this year we have this issue, we have the balloons look like we ain't doing shit. There's a lot of grounded planes. [01:37:39] Speaker B: MGM and all them just got hacked. [01:37:41] Speaker A: Yeah, MGM got hacked. Oh, yeah. [01:37:43] Speaker B: They had to drop was it 50 million people's? 50 million people's. [01:37:48] Speaker A: Shit got no, they had to pay the cyber people. [01:37:50] Speaker B: The people that I don't know, wasn't. [01:37:52] Speaker A: Like a couple of years ago, the water system got hacked or the oil system, something got hacked. Remember a couple of years ago, I think it was the water system nationwide or something. [01:37:59] Speaker B: You're just not going to agree just because for treasury why would he do that? [01:38:02] Speaker A: Why would he do that? [01:38:03] Speaker B: Why would he just agree that? He knew what you were saying. [01:38:06] Speaker A: But I just feel like if I'm going to sell you something, I'm not going to sell you anything that can get you to me. I'll sell you guns and AR, fifteen S and five, five, six ammunition and training to use them and all that stuff. But I'm not going to give you a vehicle to get to me whenever you get ready. Whether or not we got systems in place that should we do. [01:38:24] Speaker B: Yeah, but still, we got fucking Star Wars fucking shit. [01:38:26] Speaker A: Yeah, but they're like, oh, it's Poland. We good. We allies, we're good. [01:38:29] Speaker B: Do you think Poland really wants this smoke? [01:38:32] Speaker A: Yeah, they don't want our smoke. You think North Korea does? They're small as fuck. They might. [01:38:36] Speaker B: No, I don't. I think they'd just be talking that shit. They don't really want I think North. [01:38:41] Speaker A: Korea really might want to smoke. [01:38:42] Speaker B: No, they do not. Okay. I believe that there's still people in north maybe Kim Jong UN ain't old enough, but there's motherfuckers in North Korea that fucking saw that cloud fucking over in Japan and was, hey, hey. [01:38:55] Speaker A: But North Korea got nuked, too. They could do that to us. [01:38:58] Speaker B: Do they? Every time I hear about it, they're trying to get the fucking shit going off the ground again. So, again, if you're just now trying listen, if you're just starting the game like you're just now learning how to fucking play pickle fucking ball, you think. [01:39:16] Speaker A: Our military is still the best? Yes. I mean, it is. I'm not saying it's not you don't think that Russian military can give some problems to us? Sure. But not we're the best. Okay. [01:39:26] Speaker B: We weren't talking about Russia. We were talking about north fucking Korea. [01:39:29] Speaker A: I said this to King Kuna. They're friends. I said this to King Kuna back on black and white. [01:39:33] Speaker B: How good are friends? [01:39:34] Speaker A: They're friends. [01:39:35] Speaker B: Not good enough to get blown up. [01:39:36] Speaker A: Back when we were still recording black and white silence. I said it to King Kunta. The US. I attribute it to a stripper. You know, our stripper can move a little bit. But our booty shakes a lot. Like, she's just doing a little hip saying, just a little bit of hip work. But her booty is like her booty is fucking going crazy. It's going nuts. One cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. You know what I'm saying? Like that. Right. And she's not really doing that much. She's barely moving. We're the US. The rest of the world is the. [01:39:58] Speaker B: Booty when it comes to military. So we're the stripper. [01:40:03] Speaker A: We're the stripper. Everybody else is the boot. Everybody's the booty. If we don't move, it don't shake. Yeah. The much we spend on military, we should be that way if we don't move, it on shake. And I wholeheartedly believe that. Yes, it's possible. So in that case, if you're talking like that, we should not even be worried about this BRICS thing that's coming up. BRICS. You know how British, British, South Africa, all them trying to create their own currency? Because I'm like, this might become a problem. That's Brazil, Russia, south Africa. India. Is India in it? Who's the eye? The Saudis. Who's the eye? [01:40:33] Speaker B: So this is the thing that I hold on. [01:40:37] Speaker A: You need to know about this, Matt, because it's going to affect your dollar. [01:40:40] Speaker B: Yeah, I think it's India. It's got to be. [01:40:44] Speaker A: It got to be, yeah. China, Brazil, Russia. China and who else? South Africa. Right? [01:40:56] Speaker B: Yeah. I don't understand what's wrong with my phone. Because I hit bricks. I get bricks and stones. Pizzeria. [01:41:03] Speaker A: You need to get Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. [01:41:07] Speaker B: Who's? [01:41:07] Speaker A: The K, then? It's s bricks. Oh, bricks. Yeah. Okay. But there's, like, 49 nations underneath that supports this movement, too. I think that if it ever got to well, those 49 nations don't count. They're not even big enough to be in the name. Yeah, if you ain't got a name spot, they can't abbreviate all the countries name. [01:41:31] Speaker B: Gay people. [01:41:32] Speaker A: Do you think if it was my. [01:41:35] Speaker B: Gay people give everybody a marquee spot, I'll be damn. [01:41:38] Speaker A: I'll be in that coalition if my name ain't my name to be on the list, tanzania to be like, how can we put T in there? Brits, brits something. Goddamn. Because when I saw it, I'm like, if these niggas really try to compete with the dollar, america might have to let them know what's up. And they will. But I don't know that's a lot of countries that's going to be under America's again, only five matter. Everybody else don't matter. They're not even big enough to be on the name. [01:42:03] Speaker B: And this is what I know. Right? Right. [01:42:05] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. The reason why those fives are in the name I remember now from the article, is because they make, like, 49% of the world's population. There you go. [01:42:11] Speaker B: Okay. This is what I know, too. Right. [01:42:13] Speaker A: It's a big number. [01:42:14] Speaker B: This is what I know, too. A lot of countries got nuclear fucking capabilities. Not a lot, just a couple okay, enough. [01:42:21] Speaker A: A few. [01:42:22] Speaker B: A few, yeah. We the only ones that didn't demonstrate it. We got the nuts that say we not only do we have it on you, we use it too. [01:42:31] Speaker A: We'll drop it on you, and then when you least expect it, two days later, we'll drop it on your ass. [01:42:36] Speaker B: Again, man, for no reason. Because we got it. Ain't no sense in wasting this bitch. [01:42:41] Speaker A: Be like, I can't believe they did did they do that shit for real? No, they did it. [01:42:44] Speaker B: Look, what do they say? Once is maybe a possible fluke. We don't know if that really was, like, what it was supposed to do. We don't have to do this one more again. [01:42:52] Speaker A: Yeah, we can do this over and over again. We'll stop here if you want us to. Come on. And you know how I feel. I feel like the 70 or 80 years after that, we've been given the ability to be as much of assholes as we've wanted to be in the US. Because of those two bombs. That's totally why people are not going to fuck with us. Yes, it's still lasting now, however, this bricks thing is just another as. I'm saying that's going to be a challenge for us. No, but it's okay. [01:43:15] Speaker B: Japan got involved. If Japan was in it, I'd be a little nervous. I'm telling you. They want listen. [01:43:21] Speaker A: No, Japan is like, Japan fucks with us. We've Neutered, Japan. Yeah, they fuck with us. The long like, Nope, don't drop another one. You think, what do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing. Because somebody already told her twice. [01:43:33] Speaker B: You think they like, oh, we so Saudi. [01:43:38] Speaker A: So what happens when it becomes drop a bomb on Brazil? Yeah, like, what do we do? No, we wouldn't do Brazil. We wouldn't do Brazil because Russia, it would be somebody who matters. But we can still get to China. Those are the other two countries. Brazil is the closest to us, though. That's why I was thinking that. But the problem with Brazil is we. [01:43:58] Speaker B: Might catch some of that. Yeah, yeah. [01:44:01] Speaker A: Immigrant migrants will come. [01:44:02] Speaker B: No, I'm just talking about, like, that cloud. Once that shit start to blow this way. [01:44:07] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't know, man. I don't think that well, okay. It's twofold here. Because I do believe there's a lot of, I guess, philosophical ideas about the ending of empires and how we're kind of going through it right now. We doing the same exact thing. So people would say, oh, it's the end for the US. But at the same time, we've never been in a position technologically like we have now. So when the Roman Empire fell, there was nothing they could do. But I don't believe that's how it. [01:44:36] Speaker B: Is for so, again, to use your analogy. Well, if the stripper dies, the ass goes, too. You could say that. You want the stripper to die. [01:44:48] Speaker A: Right. [01:44:48] Speaker B: But as the ass cheeks shaken. You don't really want that to be. [01:44:52] Speaker A: The case, but don't they? But that's kind of the same thing that I guess the younger crowd here wants too, right? French, Regina's people, they want that too. They want to get rid of it all because they believe that they can build something better in its place. I don't know if I agree with that. So you're going to have to give me more evidence. So they saying Goldman Sachs claimed that bricks will become the global economy by 2050. Sure. And again, they go in by population and growth and like economic growth and apparently these countries economic growth weren't they. [01:45:21] Speaker B: Involved in a scandal? [01:45:22] Speaker A: Goldman Sachs is what kind of company? Right, it's an investment company. No, I mean from what country? An American company. Are you sure? Isn't Goldman Sachs American? I don't know, look it up. [01:45:31] Speaker B: I believe it is. [01:45:33] Speaker A: Is the parent company american. You see what I'm saying? This shit goes deep, bro. It's never simple. It's never just what you think it is. It's never surface. The surface is the shit that you just oh yeah, good answer. And I move on. No, there's layers to this shit, man. Who are they in bed with? Recorded in New York. They're recorded, headquartered, founded in 1869 in New York. Yeah. Do they have a parent company? No matter where you headquartered, if your parent is somewhere right. [01:46:04] Speaker B: You could be like, I moved out, but my mama still stayed. [01:46:08] Speaker A: Not just that, though. We have to also look at why would they want to give us information? Maybe they're going to try to do it like another move. I got to scare you. I got to scare you and let us make this other move. So let me predict that and by 2050, here's the other one. There'll be no white people anymore. It'll just be brown people. [01:46:24] Speaker B: Man, that scared the shit out of white people. [01:46:27] Speaker A: They sure did. [01:46:28] Speaker B: Scared the shit out of white people. Like that. [01:46:30] Speaker A: Dylan roof. That's how Dylan roof came about. Is it? That's why they said who said? Dylan did say? CNN. Yeah. CNN's full of shit, man. [01:46:39] Speaker B: Aren't they? [01:46:39] Speaker A: What did Denzel say? If you read the paper if you don't read the paper, you're uninformed. If you read the paper, you're misinformed. [01:46:44] Speaker B: Right, Bruh? [01:46:46] Speaker A: Fuck CNN. [01:46:49] Speaker B: Anyway. [01:46:49] Speaker A: What else we got, guys? Is it? [01:46:50] Speaker B: That's it, listeners. [01:46:52] Speaker A: We appreciate you guys tuning in once again to the no Nonsense Show. Make sure you go out to the website Raresigners.com where you can check out all the shows on the network. Keep supporting us, keep interacting with us, and we'll keep bringing the nonsense because we realize that sometimes people just need to laugh. Till next time, 10% less bullshit than. [01:47:08] Speaker B: Any other podcast guaranteed.

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