Episode 671

April 27, 2021


Anal Beer Bong

Anal Beer Bong
The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Anal Beer Bong

Apr 27 2021 | 02:05:09


Show Notes

The No Nonsense Show Episode #671

Mack can’t go on vacation anymore because he never wants to return to work. So on this vacation he hatched a plan for early retirement involving jet-skis and beach cruisers. Don’t worry, I talked him off of the ledge. But just in case some of you other people think you can hire bums as cheap labor…you can’t. They have to have a SSN provable by card.

French Reggy has seen a man get an anal beer bong. I should probably just let that sit but how could I? Potatoes can be used to make vodka. Magic mushrooms can be eaten on pizza. And you can get drunk through your butt. When Reggy was in China filming naked Chinese gym goers, he wasn’t a virgin to it. Apparently, back in the day, French was a mere stone’s throw from a person willing to pull down their pants in the middle of a party, simply to get drunk in their butt. He promises that he didn’t try it, but he challenges everyone to get drunk the new way.

Equal opportunity Regg wants to know how to make alternative porno, better. According to his own “RESEARCH” certain genres are underserved due to exploitation. HE challenges Mack to come up with a mature treatment. He wasn’t able, however, Reggy did “Research” and has a plan to save the genre. In the midst of this, Smooth is forced to address his hatred for women and women. You’ll see…

Anal Beer Bong #TNNS671

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